Saladworks Application & Careers


Founded in 1986, Saladworks began as a healthy alternative to those looking for a quick meal.  Steady local growth led to the opening of the first franchise branch. Fifteen years after opening their doors, the company would be an established restaurant franchise with over thirty locations. The company’s success attracted the attention of Private Equity Centre Lane Partner who then took over ownership. Expansions continue, as Saladworks stands with over one hundred restaurants nationwide and overseas in locations such as Singapore and Qatar.

The majority of the rapid growth of the company is due to their franchise structure. Investors interested in owning a unit of the restaurant are promised to be up and running for business within a year of contract signing. Saladworks aims to ensure profitable branches through targeted location and demographic customer strategies.

In the workplace, Saladworks holds their employees responsible to maintain basic values of customer service, ethics, determination and initiative.  The innovative company intends to uphold a light-hearted environment where customers are respected, but employees are not smothered by excessive regulations.

Customers at the restaurant are presented with a variety of options from the eatery. Their clam to fame menu item would be their made-to-order, create-your-own salads. If that does not meet one’s appetite, other menu choices include pre-conceptualized salads, sandwiches, soups, and wraps. Convenient ordering options for those in a time crunch allow customers to place their orders online or via telephone to be picked up at a location near them or delivered to them directly.

Saladworks Interview Questions

What is your personal ideology towards work? Your work ethic is really what the interviewer is trying to understand. Short and sweet is a good style of answer to give here because if you talk too much it could get confusing and you will wonder and may say something that contradicts yourself. Make sure that whatever your answer is, it is something that is beneficial to the company and can add to the overall experience if the organization.

What experience do you have relevant to this field? Always start with work experience first and the most relevant. If you have little or no experience in the field, speak about life experiences somewhat relevant to the field and touch on things that you do know about the position. There is always something you can relate to the position, choose the ones that will impress the interviewer the most and demonstrate that you can learn quickly.

What do you find that is aggravating to you about co-workers? Any question that only has a negative answer is one you should avoid. Negativity is to be avoided at all costs, it’s a trick question, don’t fall for the trap. After the question is posed, you may pretend to think of something but come out empty handed, this will make you seem genuine and also a team player that gets along with their co-workers. If the interviewer asks more in depth if you have any pet peeves that bother you, you can answer in a more generic manner by saying you don’t like liars or people who are not respectful of personal space and cleanliness.

Tell me about a time you mediated a conflict between others. Think of the answer before you reply, as if there were many times that you had done this and not just a rehearsed answer. Give details that make you look good and also show the importance of what was being argued to show it was work related and that realistically you were the only person that could have handled the situation that well.

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