Ryan’s Application & Careers

Ryan’s is a chain of buffet restaurants in the United States. They serve freshly cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu has a selection of affordable and mouth-watering meals and desserts.

Dennis Scott and Roe Hatlen founded Ryan’s on October 19, 1983, together with Doron Jensen and Dermot Rowland. Ovation Brands formerly Buffets, Inc. bought the company on November 1, 2006.

As of July 2017, Ryan’s has more than 20 restaurants in twelve states. With their commitment to providing the best buffet experience, the company was named Top Family Steakhouse in America.

In terms of employee benefits, managers receive competitive salaries and a bonus plan. Also, they get paid vacations, free meals, vision, dental, and health insurance, and 401(k) retirement plan. Entry-level employees receive benefits like opportunities for promotion and paid vacation.

People love working at this company for many reasons. They love the company’s culture and the opportunities for growth coupled with perks offered to all employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Ryan’s?

Applicants for entry-level positions should be at least 16 years old. They must have high school diploma or equivalent. Interested hopefuls with no previous work experience may also apply.

Ryan’s Careers

Candidates who can provide good customer service may apply and work as servers and cashiers. Those applicants who prefer limited interaction with guests may be good for other entry-level positions like cooks and dishwashers. Here’s a list of all jobs available at Ryan’s:

Cashiers: Cashiers working in a self-service restaurant process all transactions upon guests’ entrance since it’s the buffet’s nature. Their job usually involves interacting with guests and offering help for people with unique needs or requests. Cashiers are always expected to deliver quality service and hospitality. Keeping the counter and nearby areas clean and sanitized is also a part of their job.

Line Servers: Servers are responsible for taking guest orders. They are expected to work efficiently in a fast-paced work setting. They introduce the bestsellers on the menu including the daily specials. Also, servers should be able to stay friendly to people and efficient in handling customer requests and inquiries.

Wait Staffs: Wait staffs’ job involves preparing the tables by replacing used tablecloths and filling the empty trays with utensils and napkins. They interact with people just like the line servers. They welcome people, lead them to vacant tables, and present the menu. They also offer help to guests with questions about the menu.

Dishwashers: Dishwashers take care of the used plates, glasses, utensils, and cooking equipment. Their job involves unloading the dishes and putting everything on their platters. Usually, they clean the dishes by using a commercial dishwashing machine with hot water. However, they sometimes wash everything by hand, especially the big cooking utensils like bigger pans and pots.

Checkers: Checkers concentrate on guest relations and satisfaction. They oversee both frontend and checkout tasks such as running the cash registers and price confirmations. Also, they answer price or item inquiries and help guests in signing up for loyalty cards and rewards.

Cooks: They don’t interact a lot with guests. Cooks are mostly in the kitchen together with other kitchen staff like dishwashers. Servers will relay the orders to cooks, and they’ll prepare and cook food items. Their job involves weighing and measuring the ingredients and monitoring the food freshness and safety.

Assistant Managers: They hire and train new team members. Disciplining other low-level employees is also a part of their everyday responsibilities. Aside from that, assistant managers also deal with guests as they help in serving people during peak hours. They deal with customer complaints and issues in the absence of their managers.

Managers: Managers perform different administrative and food service tasks requiring extensive experience and training. They are responsible for payroll processing, inspections, licensing, food ordering, and paperwork. Aside from that, managers help their assistant managers in recruiting and training new cashiers, servers, dishwashers, and other entry-level employees.

Kitchen Managers: They take care of the kitchen and other kitchen employees. Cooks, dishwashers, and servers work together with kitchen managers to provide quality food and maintain the kitchen’s cleanliness and orderliness. They also make sure that all kitchen employees follow the guidelines for sanitation and the procedures for food safety.

General Managers: Their job involves supervising the restaurant managers and their teams. General managers set restaurant policies while creating and sustaining the budgets. They work closely with the local management to assess the employees’ performance or productivity. They encourage cooperation between team members to ensure productivity.

Ryan’s Application

Interested applicants may visit the company’s website and view the careers section to get more information about the recruitment. The vacancies can also be found through the company’s website.

The company typically looks for qualified applicants through the web. They provide a web-based application form. However, they also accept candidates who prefer applying in person.

Candidates should be careful when filling out the application form. All blanks should be filled out with correct and accurate responses and information. Any submitted form with incorrect entries will be rejected by the hiring staff.

Likewise, candidates must make sure that their resume is updated and contains correct and accurate information. Their contact details should be on top together with their current home address.

The hiring staff may contact the qualified applicants a week or two after receiving applications. Applicants who will be invited for the interview should dress up properly and arrive on time at the venue.

Facts about Ryan’s 

When it comes to culture, the company encourages unity and cooperation among employees. Members of the organization are treated like family while receiving good opportunities to grow professionally.

In its preparation for the upcoming Easter Sunday, the company launched a promo offer called Easter Family Pack to-go. They will be accepting orders for it until March 30, 2018. The Easter Family Pack to-go is in limited stocks only.

Ryan’s is known for offering fantastic menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, they are a popular choice when it comes to value meals and discounted offers. Customers to sign up and receive discount coupons for the whole family.

Also, Ryan’s loves giving back to the communities they serve. They support the local non-profit organizations that are searching for an interactive way to raise funds for their humanitarian campaigns. Interested groups may visit the company’s website for more information. 

Application Links

Company: http://www.ryans.com/

Careers: http://www.ryans.com/team

Application: http://www.ryans.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/hourly-application-ovation.pdf