Rural King Application & Careers


Although we live in a modern society to where most of what we do on a daily basis is based around technology, most industries still utilize basic tools to get the job done. Rural King is a store for those who operate personal and business amenities for farming and general home necessities.

Since 1960, Rural King has provided homeowners an American farmers with the necessary tools to get the job done. Their humble beginning started in Mattoon, Illinois and since then they have expanded all across the country. The company has over 80 stores spanning from Michigan, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, Oho, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Rural King provides a multitude of materials for agriculture projects, automotive necessities, lawn & garden supplies, general housewares, lawn & garden products, and more. The company believes in offering their expert advice and products at affordable rates on a daily basis. Their inventory includes over 60,000 products, which benefits the consumers to having a diverse selection and unique options at their discretion.

As a family owned and operated company, their mission is to treat their customers as if they are indeed family. Over the years, the team has received numerous testimonials and positive reviews. Most notably, they are recognized for delivering on their word with beyond exceptional products and customer service on a consistent basis.

For those who would like to take advantage of special deals and coupon offers, their online store makes it even easier to shop at home if customers choose to do so. One major perk to shopping online that Rural King offers is free shipping on orders over $99. Another beneficial perk is having the benefit of knowing that no matter where they are in the country, they can always depend on the company to uphold their standards and exceed their expectations every single time.

Rural King Interview Questions

Are you a successful person? The answer to this should always, of course, be yes. Even if you don’t think you’re successful, you have to convince your employer that you can complete your work even on the days when you were barely able to get yourself out of bed that morning. What the interviewer is really asking here is, “Will you be able to work for me/us/our company without constant reassurance?”

How would our company benefit from employing you? Before attending the interview, imagine what the best possible employee for the position would look and act like. Make a list of things that you and the ideal candidate would have in common, and then emphasize these positive points about yourself while answering this question. Explain both why you feel your qualities are a good match for the position, as well as in what circumstances you have shown these qualities to be true about yourself.

How would you make up for lack of experience in this position? Express that you are willing and able to learn from any experience, and that while you may not have as much formal experience as some other candidates, you can make up for that with ambition, drive, and passion. If you do have some directly applicable experience, be sure to mention it here. If not, express that you are willing to learn as much as possible in any situation.

Do you have any acquaintances or relatives currently working with us? Be as honest as possible here. If you know someone who works there who is maybe not the most successful at their job, it is still important to be honest about whatever relationship you have with that person, since, if you do get the job, your co-workers will likely be able to realize you already know that person anyway. However, assure the employer that you are a competent employee who will be able to work well without interference from your personal life. If you know someone who works for the company who is on very good terms with the organization, be sure to use that to your advantage as much as possible.

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