Roy Rogers Restaurants Application & Careers


Although named after the famous cowboy, the Roy Rogers restaurants were actually developed by the Marriott Corporation. The name was chosen because the owners believed Roy Rogers represented basic, simple, “down home” American tastes. Their plan was to serve burgers, fried chicken, and roast beef sandwiches.

Today’s menu items include breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. You can also choose salads, desserts, drinks, and side dishes. The KIDS MEALS include apple slices and a choice of any of the side dishes. If dining in the restaurant doesn’t quite meet your family’s needs for a particular occasion, you might take advantage of their catering service.

You will find that some Roy Rogers restaurants are cafeteria style while others are set up as the typical fast-food diner. The differences seem to be primarily based on the origins of each establishment.

As of 2002 Roy Rogers Restaurants offers franchise opportunities. Getting started requires a sizable investment and a commitment to a 15 year agreement. If you have an interest in running your own restaurant, franchise options do offer the advantage of name recognition.

The atmosphere created in the Roy Rogers Restaurants is one of relaxed, family-friendly comfort. The focus from the beginning has been to appeal to families who are seeking familiar, popular, kid-friendly meals.

Roy Rogers Restaurants Interview Questions

Why did you decide to resign from your last position? This is a difficult question to answer because you may have hated your last job and you couldn’t wait to leave. You must be diplomatic here and give some sensible reasons as to why you left such as – it was too far to travel or you are ambitious and you wanted to apply for a role that offered more opportunities. If you are moving from one industry to another, then this is a reason that you can use – that you wanted to change your career.

What are you specifically looking for in a job? Use examples of how you have looked at other jobs but they do not fit with your existing skills and experience and how you believe that you will like working for them. Give them some encouraging responses like – I am confident that I will be able to do this job to the best of my ability and excel at these things- and list them.

What is your strongest asset? You need to use examples of your positive strengths such as your ability to see the task you are working on to the end, that you are good at timekeeping and you are adaptable to changes made. This shows that you will be able to cope, particularly if things are likely to change on a daily basis.

What would your colleagues say about you? Explain all the positives that your colleagues are likely to say about you. Say things like – they would say how helpful I am when they ask me for help and that I often stay late so that I can ‘finish the work’ and that I am often cheerful and approachable.

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