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Roses Discount Stores is a chain of discount stores headquartered in Henderson, North Carolina, USA. There are 160 stores that bear this name. The chain is part of the discount store conglomerate Variety Wholesalers Inc., who purchased Roses in 1997. They compete for business mainly with other discount stores like Wal-Mart. The chain operates in 15 states in the southern United States primarily, including North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia.

Originally the store was known as Rose’s 5-10-25-cent stores. Paul Howard Rose founded the first store in Henderson in 1915 and opened a store per year for the next four years. These stores proving successful, Rose and his family members continued expanding the business into states around North Carolina. When the business was incorporated in 1927, there were 30 stores.

The original stores were smaller, but in the1950s the chain started expanding into progressively larger shopping centers. Today the stores operate exclusively in larger retailer areas, usually in properties of 30,000 to 70,000 square feet. The retailer had a strong presence in the larger store market, until Wal-Mart set up shop in the 1980s and caused a huge hit to their customer base and profits.

Today the retailer sells primarily discounted clothing and personal care products and household products, including skincare and hygiene products, cleaning products, and toys and school supplies, among other things. A prototype combination grocery-and-home-retail store was launched in 2012, but was replaced in 2015 with a Save-a-Lot grocery, a grocery chain also run by the Variety Wholesalers group.

Roses Discount Store Interview Questions

What is your strongest attribute? Think hard on this one. Do not give an obnoxious answer or a simple answer. You should say “getting work done in a timely fashion” or “being able to work well with others.” Your greatest attribute should somehow contribute to the job you are applying for and should enhance you interview.

Can you work nights, weekends, and/or overtime? You have to be considerate of others people and things that you have going on in your life. If you have community commitments or a family, you need to take all that into consideration. Although having a great job is important, you do not want to forget about your other commitments and responsibilities.

Let’s get started! Tell me all the interesting things about you. Be careful when answering this statement. You want to make yourself look good but you do not want to “over sell” yourself. Talk about the top 5 facts about yourself. Also, do not ramble too much or make repetitive statements about yourself.

Is this the only job your applying for? Don’t be nervous with this question. Employers can tell if you tense up with this question. A good response would be “while I have applied for other positions elsewhere, this position at this company would be the perfect fit for me.” Don’t talk too much about other jobs you are looking for.

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