Red Roof Inn Application & Careers

Red Roof Inn is an American economy hotel chain that operates in the Southern, Eastern, and Midwest regions of the country. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

The company was founded in 1993 by Jim Trueman in Columbus, Ohio. He envisioned it to be a comfortable and clean hotel that is budget-friendly for the guests. AccorHotels bought the company in 1999 and later sold it to Citigroup in 2007.

In 2014, the company proved its prowess in digital innovation by winning 5 Gold awards in the digital category from the Mobile Marketing Association, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mobi Awards, OMMA, and US Search Awards.

The hotel chain offers many benefits for their employees such as 401K plans, room discounts, and medical, vision, and dental coverage. Tuition assistance are also offered to studying employees.

Employees love working at the company’s hotels because the workload is not too heavy and they are properly compensated for it. Furthermore, they also loved being able to meet new people.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Roof?

The company accepts applications from people who have all the required skills and those who follow the age requirement of at least 18 years old.

Red Roof Careers

The hotel chain offers fulfilling careers for driven and talented people who can help them uphold the Red Roof brand.
Front Desk Agent: A front desk agent is responsible for providing assistance and giving a good first impression to the customers. They greet customers, answer queries, accept payment, and they also give rooms to customers. Typically, they are the ones who take care of the room keys. Front desk agents need to groom themselves properly and have a lively attitude since they interact with customers.

Housekeeper: A housekeeper ensures that the hotel rooms are ready for the guests. Their responsibilities include sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and changing bed sheets. They need to be focused and meticulous in cleaning so they won’t overlook dirty spots. Housekeepers also fulfill requests from customers like extra pillows, soap, and such.

Laundry Attendant: A laundry attendant is responsible for cleaning dirty sheets and curtains. They use the washing machines to wash the items. After the items are dried, they will then have to fold them in an orderly manner. At times, they can also install curtains and sheets.

Human Resources Manager: A human resources manager takes care of the hotel’s staffing needs. They ensure that the business always have good employees by enticing applicants to work for them, screening applicants, and conducting job training programs. Human resources managers are responsible for taking care of any staff disputes and making sure that everyone is getting along.

Head Housekeeper: A head housekeeper is the leader of the hotel’s housekeeping staff. They tell housekeepers what to do, how to do them, and ensures that all rooms have been cleaned. They need leadership skills to make the staff follow them. Aside from being leaders, they also do housekeeping duties.

Technical Support Specialist: A technical support specialist takes care of the company’s computer systems. They organize the information in data systems which can be easily accessed and understood by the company. Technical support specialists need to have a good understanding of information technology. If any problems arise within the system, it is also their job to fix it.

General Maintenance Technician: A general maintenance technician ensures that the hotel’s property and equipment are taken care of. They do maintenance work on damaged equipment or property and makes efforts to prevent it from happening. They can also do some cleaning tasks such as sweeping floors and wiping windows. At times, they can also be asked by the manager to do some errands for the hotel.

Van Driver: A hotel van driver ensures that the guests are driven safely to their destinations. They need to have good driving skills and knowledge about the area to do their jobs effectively. They also need to exhibit courteousness when they are together with the guests.

Hotel Manager: A hotel manager administers over the hotel to ensure that the guests have a good stay. They guide employees about how to do things, determine steps on how they can improve their services such as food and accommodation, and interacting with guests to provide customer service. Hotel managers need to have skills in leadership, customer service, and decision making.

Financial Analyst: A financial analyst provides insight to the hotel’s management regarding financial matters. They analyze financial data and explain it to the management in a way that they can easily understand. Financial analysts allow businessmen to make sound business decisions.

Red Roof Application

People who would like to get a job at one of the company’s hotels can apply by submitting a fully accomplished application to one of these locations.

If they don’t like in-store applications, they can elect for an online application. Job seekers just have to go to the careers section of the company’s website, find their ideal job, and submit their application.

In accomplishing the application form, applicants should read the form first to prevent any errors. They should also review their personal information and previous working experiences.

For the resume, they should use a format that can highlight their credentials. They should also use a simple font style for better readability. The applicants should tailor the resume to the job and company that they are applying for.

During the interview process, the job seekers should arrive following the schedule and wearing corporate attire. They should possess confidence in answering questions and be attentive to the interviewer.

Facts About Red Roof

Red Roof’s culture is all about care and is shown in how they treat their customers. They ensure that all of them get the best service from their employees and that they get clean and comfortable rooms for just the right price.

In 2017, the company introduced their mobile website’s new design that aims to cater their services to the latest customer trends. They made the booking process quicker so travelers can get a room in just a matter of seconds.

The hotel chain is known for offering clean, comfortable, and pet-friendly rooms for travelers. Customers can also distinguish their hotels easily because they have large red roofs.

In 2017, after the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, the company knew that they had to help and they did it by by opening their hotels to all victims and matching donations of up to $10,000 to the American Red Cross.

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