Raymour & Flanigan Application & Careers

Centered in New York State, and with locations across the Northeast, Raymour & Flanigan is a family-owned chain of furniture stores handling both home and office products. They have their own distribution and customer support centers, as well as a strong credit program, allowing the company to handle almost all their business in-house.

From its start in 1947 as Raymour’s Furniture Company, the company used a combination of new stores and mergers with or acquisitions of other furniture chains, like Flanigan’s, to fuel its growth and currently has over 70 locations. Recent expansion into New York City has given both revenue and exposure a boost.

As the company has grown, they have added their own Leadership Development Institute, and been awarded with compliance with the Energy Star program for energy efficiency at several locations.

Committed to maintaining a passionate, forward-thinking workforce, the company currently supplies over 5,500 part- and fulltime employees with medical benefits, leadership training, discounts, and tuition reimbursement. The specifics vary per position, but all employees are able to participate.

Along with these benefits, both current and former employees cite the company’s focus on developing their staff, finding a good balance between work and life, and stability as positive aspects of working within the chain.

How old do you have to be to work at Raymour & Flanigan?

While very few of their listed jobs state a specific age, almost all require a High School degree, or equivalent. Many positions also require a valid driver’s license. Both of these indicate applicants should be at least 16 years old, with many positions being aimed at those 18 or over.

Some positions may also have state age and shift requirements, which can vary by location.

Raymour & Flanigan Careers

Jobs in the retail furniture business cover everything from installation and delivery, through sales and customer support, as well as positions requiring specialized skills like IT or accounting. The company’s web site allows potential employees to track openings through social media, and create an agent that hunts for jobs within the system.

Stock Associate (Full and Part Time): A physical position, associates handle receiving of inventory, set up displays, and assemble furniture for stores. As part of the inventory chain, these employees also work with the computer system, and are expected to be good communicators.

Customer Delivery Driver/Assistant: A physical position like the Stock Associate, the delivery team handles the final step by making sure the customer gets what they paid for. This positions requires working at a fast pace, dealing directly with the customer, frequent weekend and evening shifts, and passing checks with the state Department of Transportation.

Customer Service Representative (Full and Part Time): Frequently the face of the company, this position interacts directly with customers to ensure the highest possible experience. The CSR handles delivery schedules, tackles customer concerns, and works to support the sales staff.

Warehouse Associate: A key part of the inventory system, these associates unload trailers, mark items for delivery, and load trucks. Training is available on tools like pallet jacks and forklifts, though prior experience is preferred.

Furniture Assembler: Part of the delivery team, the Assembler makes sure the customer is satisfied with the final product. Needing an eye to quality, since the customer may be present, this position makes sure all instructions are followed on each piece of furniture, and that there are no defects or other issues.

Facility Maintenance: Ensures each store meets company visual and safety standards. This is not a janitorial position, but is more suited for a handyman, since it involves painting, plumbing, lighting, and other similar responsibilities.

Furniture Repair (Apprentice, Associate, Expert): Sometimes products, even of top quality, break. The repair team puts them back together. With experience determining which level an employees operates at, there is room for growth and allows an employee to gain specialized skills. These range from simple sanding and painting to color matching and upholstery repair.

Recycling Associate: Works at a warehouse to make sure all packing materials are sorted and disposed of properly. This position handles equipment like cardboard bailers, Styrofoam extruders, and plastic compactors. Experience with these and other warehouse tools are preferred, but training is available.

Sales Associate: Works directly with the customer to make sure they are buying just the right piece for their home or office. Referred to as “Champions” by the company, requirements include self-motivation and strong communication skills. Training is available, and some college-level wok and experience are preferred.

Risk Management Assistant: Focuses on making sure any challenges to company policy are being met. Whether that be store or customer safety, loss prevention, or employee HR policies, this positions tries to be proactive so problems are handled before they occur.

Raymour & Flanigan Application

The company lists all their available positions on their web site, and each listing includes a description and detailed qualifications. Applications can be made in each store, though prospective employees can expect to use a computer there to complete the process.

Key words in their listings are communication skills, being able to work independently or with a team as the situation requires, and having a passion for working to help the customers.

It is always helpful to list even non-work experience in these areas, for example school classes or time with volunteer organizations. There is no listing for languages required or preferred, but any modern retail business values employees proficient in more than jus English.

An additional aspect of the company is their commitment to training and promoting from within. Any person hoping for a position with the company should stress interest in these programs. As many positions deal directly with customers, a clean appearance would also be considered an asset.

With many entry-level positions handling or working with furniture, skills related to woodworking or general tool use would be a positive for any applicant. Computer proficiency, with programs like Word and various point-of-sale applications, is also something the company considers a valuable skill. Computer skills are also a boni=us, since, while all the company’s stores are located in the Northeast, they do have a sizable web sales presence, and have delivery available along the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Facts about Raymour & Flanigan

A rare feat for many mid-sized a large businesses, the company is still family owned, and the CEO and many other corporate officers are related. The company prides itself on creating and supporting a culture in its stores that pays attention to their communities and the planet.

With a growing number of Energy Star compliant stores, Raymour & Flanigan is committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. This ranges from improving their air conditioning systems, to replacing older light bulbs with new LED varieties.

The company also focuses on recycling, from packing materials to water bottles and office supplies. They have recycled over 200 million pounds of material since opening their first recycling center in 2002. They have been recognized in various media outlets, including trade publications and specialty blogs, for their efforts.

Raymour & Flanigan also works with community organizations to raise funds and help others. The American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and United Way have all benefitted from their association with the company.