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QIP Holder, LLC, which operates under the Quiznos trade name, is a privately owned fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in salads, submarine sandwiches, and other food products. Their headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.

In 1981, Jimmy Lambatos, an experienced chef, partnered up with Todd Disner to launch their first restaurant in Denver, Colorado. 2 years later, they started offering franchises as a method of expansion and by 1995, they had more than 100 locations.

The company is the 2nd largest submarine sandwich restaurant chain in the country. They currently have 1500 domestic locations and approximately 600 international locations. By 2014, they have already raised $400 million in revenues.

They show their love for their employees by giving them a bunch of benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage. The company also offers a life insurance, flexible spending accounts, employee discounts, profit sharing plans, and many more.

Employees love working for them because of the fun atmosphere in their restaurants. Furthermore, they also loved the free food they get every shift which helps them save money.

How old do you have to be to work at Quiznos?

Applicants who wish to work at Quiznos need to make sure that they possess the necessary skills for the job and they also need to pass the minimum age requirement of at least 16 years old.

Quiznos Careers

Quiznos offers rewarding and fun careers for people with various skills and expertise.
Delivery Driver: A delivery driver ensures that orders arrive fresh and safe to the customer’s location. They need good driving skills and knowledge of the area to deliver products faster. Delivery drivers are also expected to be polite to customers, follow traffic rules, and maintain the delivery vehicle.

Sandwich Artist: A sandwich artist is responsible for doing a variety of duties. These duties include greeting customers, serving food, preparing sandwiches, and providing excellent customer service. During busy days, they can also operate the establishment’s cash register. Sandwich artists are responsible for following the rules and guidelines regarding sanitation.

Cashier: A cashier processes the customer transactions into the cash register. They accept payment, provide change, and answer questions from customers. They can also give suggestions when necessary. Cashiers are responsible for putting the right figures into the system and for taking care of the cash register’s contents. Because they interact with customers, they need to groom themselves properly and exhibit politeness.

Manager: A manager ensures that the restaurant has a smooth day-to-day operations. They spread tasks evenly to the establishment’s employees, check if everyone is doing their jobs, and provide customer service. They ensure that the customers are satisfied with the company’s services. Managers manage the paperwork and payroll. They also act as quality control by observing how the employees prepare the food. They need to have leadership skills and a good attitude.

Sandwich Maker: A sandwich maker ensures that the restaurant serves high quality sandwiches. Their duties include preparing ingredients and making the sandwich. They need to follow the company’s recipes and make the food according to customer preferences. Sandwich makers are responsible for grooming themselves properly and for following the rules and guidelines in sanitation.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager is tasked of leading the staff so the restaurant can operate smoothly. They direct other employees and act as quality control by observing how the staff does their jobs. They also do tasks that the crew members do, such as cooking, serving, cleaning tables, and operating the cash register. Assistant managers need to have good customer service skills and the ability to do different tasks.

Tax Manager: A tax manager ensures that the company is paying the right amount of taxes. They go from restaurant to restaurant and they make periodic reports about the company’s financial status. Tax managers need to have a good knowledge of tax laws and accounting.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative handles the company’s customer relations. They represent the company by informing customers about their products and services, listening to complaints, and does everything to increase customer satisfaction. Customer service representatives need to have a good attitude especially when dealing with difficult customers.

Report Developer: A report developer uses software tools to present data in a way that the company’s management can understand. They make charts, graphs, summaries, and data presentations to help the business make decisions. Report developers need to have a background in using software tools and in information technology.

Program Manager: A program manager is responsible for finding ways on how the company can reach different goals. They develop programs which can stretch to years to meet their goals. They need to have good decision making skills since they decide on how the program should be done.

Quiznos Application

Applicants who plan to apply for a job at the company only need to see if they fit the job requirements and submit a fully accomplished application to one of the company’s restaurants.

However, if they are unable to go to any of these locations, they can apply online. They just have to go to the company’s website and find their ideal job in the careers section.

In filling up the application form, applicants will have to review their personal information and previous working experiences. It would also be a plus if they prevent dirt, stains, or erasures from getting near the application form.

The applicants should prepare the resume according to the job that they are applying for. Furthermore, they should take their time in formatting the document so it will be easier to read for hiring managers.

For applicants who can get a job interview, they should prepare for it by searching for the most commonly asked interview questions. During the day of the interview, they should arrive wearing corporate attire and ahead of the schedule.

Facts About Quiznos

Quiznos likes to think in a different way, in the same way that every sandwich they make is unique. They make it a goal to never compromise quality and to trust customers’ preferences.

In March 5, 2018, the company opened a new location in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It was the first store that used the company’s new store designs.

The company is known for the taste of their submarine sandwiches. They are so famous for it that they are the second largest submarine sandwich store in the US.

They help the community by using locally used produce which helps local farmers. They also sponsor events for various causes such as family and health.

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