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With the amount of time people spend commuting in vehicles every single day, it’s imperative that safety comes first on the road.  Penske Corporation, a diversified transportation services company, knows just how important safety and quality are.  Their business segments cover distribution truck leasing, motor vehicle logistics, professional racing motorsports and more.

The company was founded in 1969, and its headquarters is currently located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  As a privately owned organization, they employ over 40,000 team members worldwide in various roles covering multiple continents.  With so much to offer, the company has a market advantage in that they truly do cover the full spectrum of transportation services.

Roger Penske, a well-known name in the racing industry, serves as Chairman of the company with Rob Kurnick serving as President.  Together, they maintain an impressive portfolio of auto solutions for their clients, and boast revenues of over $23 billion.

Penske Corporation owns multiple subsidiaries that run the separate businesses, including Penske Automotive, Davco, Ilmor, Team Penske and Penske Motor Group – just to name a few.  They have built a reputation of quality and trust through the brand, and have become recognizably one of the leaders in the industry.

It isn’t uncommon to see their logo on the side of a semi-truck or perhaps on the hood of a race car in Indianapolis.  Through the years, the company has worked alongside their customers to learn and improve the services they provide.  Looking to the future, the corporation aims to continue delivering top notch products and providing second to none support on our busy roads all over the world.

Penske Corporation Interview Questions

Is it the work or the money that you find more important? Money is universally important in our society, but the work is the root of everything from your career progress to that money that you are paid. The work is the most important, and your employer wants to know that you know that so that they can trust you to do that work well.

How do you prefer to be positioned in a team project? You can be plain and honest here. Do you prefer leading or following? Do you prefer researching or organizing the data after it’s collected? If there are multiple ways you’re comfortable contributing in a team, make a note of it. Try to be honest with yourself here first and foremost. The organization is going to want to know that you can fit in where they need you in a team setting, but you can avoid them being mistaken by being sure yourself.

Do you have a dream job? A general answer is stronger than a specific one here. You don’t want to pin yourself against the notion of being dissatisfied in the future, and you don’t want to sound shortsighted, with a sense of aspiration limited to what’s directly in front of you. Talk instead about aspects that make up a theoretical dream job. What do you idealize from any given work scenario? For example, a job with a strong peer community, powerful core values, or where you feel naturally incentivized about your personal contribution.

Do you think you would do well here? Why? Your skills, experience, and interests can all contribute to how you foresee your effectiveness in the workplace. Talk about aspects of yourself that may be a uniquely useful fit for the job’s expectations. What do you know? What have you done? Do you have interests that help to inform you about the job in question?

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