Peebles Application & Careers

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Peebles is a department store chain. It specializes in retailing apparel, accessories, housewares, footwear and cosmetics – for all ages. Stage Stores, Inc. parents this store chain.

The chain acquired Harvey’s Department Store Chain in 1988 and Watson’s stores in 1998. In 2003, Stage Stores purchased Peebles. At that time, it already operated 136 stores throughout 17 states. The store maintained its name from that time on.

It is manned by about 14,000 people. All of them manage and sell in an average selling area of 18,200 square feet. They operate in about 42 states and expand continuously.

These individuals benefit from a multitude of “rewards.” They enjoy health and wellness “rewards” such as dental, vision, medical, company-paid life insurances, etc. Additional benefits include legal services, 401k savings plan, paid vacation/holiday and associate discounts.

People attest that working at this department store chain rewards well. The management gives full attention to its associates. In return, their associates give their best to their customers. It opens doors to full-time careers and secondary careers.

How old do you have to be to work at Peebles?

The department store chain accepts applicants both for entry-level and managerial positions. Applicants should be at least 18 years old to be given consideration. This shows that being a high school graduate is a must.

Peebles Careers

Through years of outstanding service, Peebles gained popularity among the locals. To maintain optimum customer satisfaction, they are always hiring new employees. As for applicants, this rings ears of the opportunity they should take advantage of. Listed and described below are the commonly in-demand job opportunities they offer.

Mailroom Operator: Mailroom Operators accept incoming corporate mail and freight shipments. Upon acceptance, they keep record of the details for accountability. They also process outgoing mails and freight shipments. They drive mails between stores or from the corporate office to postal offices.  They keep the mailroom area tidy and organized. This is for easier access of records in the future.

E-commerce Merchant: They manage pages particularly those focusing on the products being launched. They build links by item and ensure that directories offer quick access to its surfers. E-commerce Merchants partner with Web analysts in managing customer profiles and in tracking merchandising data. Afterwards, they communicate with Merchandising teams to discuss necessary changes in price or marketing design.

Marketing Manager: Marketing Managers partner with designated merchant partners. They help in determining best statewide contents based on records of past years. They also strategize campaigns for the exposure of the brand. This is made through their effective use of allocated marketing budget. In addition, they allocate media exposure to elevate statewide sales.

Counsel: Counsels specialize in giving legal advice to its internal clients. With backgrounds in business laws, they draft various commercial papers and contracts. They also formulate the corporate policies and trains people to follow them. They don’t stop here for they regularly check and maintain these policies. In times of business legal crises, Counsels resolve and face these issues.

Sales Associate: Sales Associates retail the products offered by the store. They entertain the questions of the store’s customers. They make sure that they pour a steady supply of information to nail a sale. They help customers determine their choice through a smooth process. Afterwards, when sales are nailed, they assist customers in processing purchases. They also keep stores organized.

Facilities Coordinator: Facilities Coordinators manage outside contractors. They maintain and provide schedule reports. They facilitate repairs and maintenance of software in locations assigned to them. They track the response time and completion of services. From this data, they make daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Talent Acquisition Manager: Talent Acquisition Managers develop and drive recruiting strategies for managerial and sales teams. They also manage the internal recruitment team as well as coordinate with external agencies. They continuously recruit potential candidates to fill vacancies within the organization or the stores.

E-commerce/Web Architect: E-commerce/Web Architects establish e-commerce and Omni Channel projects according to industry standards. They guarantee that web platforms can be accessed at a stable and secure speed. They design the overall technological approach made use in customer systems. They coordinate with programmers and technical staff to make sure that their platforms are appropriate.

Accounting Manager: Accounting Managers promote the development and lead the accounting team. They review the work of the accounting staff before submissions. They compile financial data to be recorded as journal entries. They act as a bridge between the accounting department and business leaders. They prepare balance sheets and present the data to the leaders as found necessary.

Benefits Analyst: Benefits Analysts administer and support the operations of benefits program. These benefits include, but not limited to: vision, life, dental, health insurances, leave of absence and flexible spending. They help in processing benefits in accordance with the policies and laws applied. In case of benefit issues, Benefits Analysts guarantee solutions for the benefactor.

Peebles Application

To apply in the store chain, you can check out first the parent company’s page. You could also redirect yourself to Stage careers page immediately. On this page, click on “Our Open Jobs” under the Quick Links menu.

Online application is available. You may download the available application form in PDF format. You may also apply through paper application. Just print the downloadable application form. Fill it out. Submit to the nearest Peebles store or Stage Stores office.

The online application forms require information regarding your academic and/or employment background. They also require contact information, current location and hours of availability. Leave no empty spaces.

In making your resume, base the qualities and characteristics from your desired job position. Trim your resume. It must be concise and brief. One-page resumes are most desirable.

Their interview process is usually done in the traditional method. One-on-one interviews are usually conducted by a recruiting staff. Before answering questions, organize your ideas to avoid stuttering.

Things to know about Peebles

The culture inside a Peebles store is shaped by the values promoted by the management. With this, employees develop not only their technical skills but also their social skills. Although schedules can be tight at times, fun is kept high.

The store joins its parent company in the 30 Days of Giving. This annual campaign presents guests the opportunity to donate. A hundred percent of the donation goes to a selected local organization. They have raised $3 million since 2013.

The department store chain provides access to exclusive brands to locals. Among these brands are Sun River, Signature Studio, Valerie Stevens, Rebecca Malone, and Wishful Park. People know the store for the quality of its products and services.

They, with the support of its parent company, commit giving back to local communities. They consider every needy a corporate responsibility. In fact, they accept donation applications which are downloadable from the Stage Store’s site.

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