Payless Shoes Application & Careers

Payless ShoeSource Inc. is a US-based discount footwear retailer, owned by Golden Gate Capital and Blum Capital. Their headquarters is in Topeka, Kansas.

In 1963 in Kansas, the company, still Hill Brothers Shoe Company at that time, was bought by Volume Shoe. They renamed approximately all 25 stores as Payless. The company also acquired the Hill Brothers Shoe stores in St. Louis in 1971.

The 2009 iteration of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals annual Proggy awards gave the company the Best New Shoe Line category for creating a shoe line that does not use leather.

Employees who work for the shoe retailer get discounts for themselves and their families when they shop at any of the company’s locations. They also get a health insurance and entitled to file sick leaves.

Their employees love working for them because they are willing to provide flexible schedules. Payless has a dynamic workplace that allows their employees to have fun while at work.

How old do you have to be to work at Payless?

To work for the shoe retailer, employees must pass the minimum age requirement of at least 17 years old and pass an application to one of the company’s locations.

Payless Careers

The company has lots of fulfilling careers waiting for applicants who fit the company’s needs.
Key Holder: A key holder’s job is to provide leadership for the other associates. They assist customers by answering questions, informing them about products and promos, and helping them get the right shoe fit. They can think of ways of how the staff can be more effective. Because they work on the sales floor, they need to be well groomed and must possess a pleasant attitude.

Store Manager: A store manager oversees the store’s operations. Responsibilities include leading and training the staff, ensuring product quality, checking the stocks, doing paperwork, and managing payroll. They need to have leadership skills and possess good customer service skills.

Retail Sales Associate: A retail sales associate’s duties can vary, but their main responsibility is to persuade customers to buy from the store. They can help customers find products, answer questions, and process the customers’ transactions through the cash register. They need to have a good attitude and proper grooming since they interact with customers.

Stockroom Associate: A stockroom associate makes sure that the sales floor never runs out of products. They receive, unpack, and organize merchandise and makes an inventory of the stockroom. They also put the price tags on the products and make sure that the products in the stockroom are kept clean to preserve their quality.

Training Supervisor: A training supervisor ensures that all employees are working up to the company’s standards. They communicate with managers to know the employee needs of the company and make training plans to solve the problem. From time to time, they also conduct evaluations to know the job effectiveness of the company’s employees.

Pricing Coordinator: A pricing coordinator makes sure that the price range of the store’s products is affordable yet also profitable for the company. Their responsibilities include negotiating with suppliers for discounts and updating price tags. They also need to do reports about sales and pricing.

Financial Analyst: A financial analyst provides consultation to the store’s owner about its financial position. They inform the owner about the business’ performance and on whether to make investments, based on financial data. They need to have an extensive knowledge of finance to excel in this job.

Quality Assurance Specialist: A quality assurance specialist keeps an eye on the quality of the business’ products. They make sure that the products don’t get defects while being manufactured and make sure the products look the way they were made to look like.

Marketing Associate: A marketing associate works with a marketing team to promote the company. They plan events and support campaigns and promotions. To be more effective in their job, they need to have knowledge about marketing.  They must also know the current marketing trends to form an effective marketing strategy.

Buyer: The buyer is responsible in scouting and purchasing items that they can either sell or use for their stores. They find the best deals with the supplier of goods and they can also choose which kind of products the store should offer. They need to have good decision-making skills since they make the decisions on where to spend the company’s money.

Payless Application

An applicant who wishes to get a job at one of the company’s stores must meet the requirements needed for their preferred positions. Applicants can simply visit any of Payless’ branches and submit a comprehensive resume and application form.

Interested jobseekers may also apply through the company’s website. By accessing the “Careers” tab, you can see job vacancies. When submitting your application, make sure you don’t leave any applicable/relevant spaces. Check everything before submitting.

Interested, make sure that you submit a resume that fully highlights accurate credentials, skills, and work experiences.

Should you be asked to come in for an interview, dress simply and professionally. Prepare for possible interview questions and learn more about the company and the position you are applying for.

Facts About Payless

The company’s culture focuses itself on two things, their employees, and customers. They make sure that the employees are kept happy, so they will continuously give quality customer service.

In 2018, the company announced that it will remove some of their corporate and retail layers to hire more employees on the store level. This is the company’s efforts to realign organizational structure in hopes of serving customers better.

The company is known for selling a variety of shoes, socks, and other accessories for retail. Customers flock to their stores because of the huge savings they can get.

To maintain sustainability, the company started with their own waste management system – collecting recycling waste and scrap materials from their branches and offices. They also continue to conserve energy by introducing a new shipment labelling process.

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