Ocean State Job Lot Application & Careers

ocean state job lot

Ocean State Job Lot is a discount store chain headquartered in Kingston, Rhode Island, USA. The company’s motto “A Lot More For A Lot Less” reflects their business model, offering brand name products at closeout prices. Over 120 stores are in operation around the northeastern USA. The name refers to the company’s home state of Rhode Island, nicknamed “The Ocean State”.

Roy Dubs, Marc Perlman, and Alan Perlman founded the discount store in 1977. Prior to opening the first store, the entrepreneurs had no experience in merchandising. The first location was opened with $1,500 investment, and is now doing over 500 million dollars in sales per year.

Their business operates primarily as a closeout store. They obtain merchandise for their stores from manufacturers who are selling products at a loss, due to overstock or discontinuation. Therefore merchandise at Ocean State Job Lot changes constantly. The stores advertise weekly specials to alert customers what is currently available. On top of discounted prices, the retailer also offers coupons, available on their website.

The company refers to itself as the home of “Adventure Shopping.” Customers can find both practical and exceptional items, but due to the company’s business model, what customers can find, and when, is a surprise. The retailer is adamant that they do not scrimp on quality; they will offer almost anything, and at discount prices, with no drop in quality.

The company tries to lease buildings for their stores that were formerly stores or supermarkets already, ideally opting for properties that contain the previous store’s checkout counters, aisle signs, etc. Reusing these items helps to further reduce overhead costs and maintain the low prices they promise.

Ocean State Job Lot Interview Questions

How would we make up for your lack of experience? This is the time where you can throw out some suggestions if you do not have enough experience for position. You can suggest following around someone for a week or two to get the hang of the job and learn the ropes. You can also offer to pay for a training course. This shows initiative.

How good do you work under pressure? Can you handle pressure in tough situations? If you cannot, you need to learn how and fast. This is a good skill to have in the workplace and throughout life in general. Although this probably will not hurt your chances of getting a job, it would be a plus to have these capabilities. Also, an example would be a plus for the interview.

How do your co-workers see you? This can be tough to answer because obviously you are not your co-worker, but everyone has a feeling of how others view them. Do they see you as a good co-worker or a bad co-worker? Are you reliable and trustworthy? With this questions,3 candidates can tell employers whatever it may take to make them look good, but remember, if you do get the job, the employer will find out how your co-workers really see you.

Have you been in a position where you had to fire someone and what did you feel like after? If you haven’t been in this position, you would answer is no and the interview process would continue. If you have been in this situation, talk about what is was like having that kind of responsibility. Was it easy to do or difficult? Think of these questions to help answer the main question.

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