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When Peter J. Oberweis found himself with a surplus of milk, he began selling it to his neighbors. He may not have realized it then, but that kicked off a family dairy business that has now spanned almost a century. In 1927, Peter bought 50% partnership in Big Woods Dairy, and after a few short years, he bought out the entire enterprise and renamed it Oberweis Dairy.

It doesn’t take a lot of guess work to figure out what Oberweis Diary specializes in. Their featured, high quality milk starts with the humane treatment of cows. The cows are all referred to by name and are treated with reverence and respect.

The farms are designed to maximize the comfort of the cows rather than the cows’ milk production. By focusing on treating the cows with respect, the farmers have a happier and healthier herd that produces high quality milk.

Oberweis Ice Cream is a staple product produced by family-owned dairy farms that are exclusively Oberweis Dairy. The ice cream is made from the same milk, and features zero rBGH or growth hormones. The ice cream pies and cakes are made with the same care and attention to detail. With a decorative flair, the cakes and pies are a staple product for Oberweis.

In 2009 Oberweis Dairy won first place in the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest in the low-fat chocolate milk category. The award-winning milk was recognized for their farmers pledge to not treat their cows with synthetic growth hormones.

Oberweis Dairy Interview Questions

If hired and needed to relocate would you be willing to do so? A hasty yes isn’t a good idea since this question you ought to have discussed it with your family before the interview. Be honest with yourself to avoid problems that will arise in the future due to relocations.

If you were the one interviewing, what would you look for? Do not rush to answer this be very careful to remember what you were asked during your first question. State what you outline earlier and what is needed. Since you are not the one interviewing please keep it short.

Which disappointments have you had in a job? Do not be pessimistic about this instead, make an impression that this made you even stronger and able to endure the challenges of the job you are applying and with that you have a vast experience though you never arrived at your preferred destination or rather target.

Do you have the necessary skills for this job or another similar to this? At this point stick to what you are best in or what you have applied for, never make it appear that you need another job aside from what you are been interviewed. You may also say that the job in question is your full time career and you wouldn’t want another one.

Do you love working us a team player? Confidently answer YES because you are a team player, have outstanding points that show that you are not there for your own benefit rather there for the gain of the of the organization. Stand low and do not praise yourself, state it as a crucial matter that showed be addressed.

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