Nomac Drilling Application & Careers

Nomac Drilling, a business segment of seventy-seven energy Inc. is one of the most active drilling company in the United States. The company dispenses drilling services for natural gas and oil with its headquarter located at Oklahoma United State.

Nomac drilling was formally known as advanced drilling technology but Aubrey McClendon after a settled legal rift between him and Mac McCallister on the delivery of 5 rigs to Chesapeake where only 1 was delivered, with the intention of having nothing to do with anyone called mac ever again, he gave the rig a name called Nomac. Everything took a new shape and the company founded in the year 2001.

The company was recognized as the second-largest gas producer in the United States. Not only that, it is one of the most active drillers on infiltration galleries and also among the top 20 of the producer of oil and natural gas liquids. The company has over 1001 employees with the company’s drilling support operation in over 5 states.

The employees are placed on a good salary scale, combined with health insurance, life insurance, longevity, and safety bonus plan, vision and prepaid legal insurance, a healthy environment to work, and off days within a reasonable time and so on.

Fun work place, their entitlement to highly competitive great benefit and compensation plan with impartiality as regards to employment opportunities attract people to always want to work with them. Work experience with highly skilled drillers and engineers together with close working relationship with co-workers is thrilling.


According to Federal child labor law, the minimum age to work is 14years, therefore, this may be applied to the required age grade to work with Nomac drilling. Working with Nomac drilling may also require some level of professionalism and certain qualification for the various available position in the company.


You may probably have several lists of job opportunities from drilling companies and be confused on which way to go. Once you have an idea of what you really want to do in life, choosing a career at Nomac drilling is the best way to enhance your experience and level of knowledge. The company comprises a different level of opportunities such as:

Driller: A driller carries out drilling activities within the stipulated drilling parameters such as; inspects and prepares the rig bearing for drilling, operates the draw works hoist, and ensure a safe complete operation on the drill floor.

Rig electrician: A rig electrician maintains, test and corrects any electrical default in connection and ensure proper electrical connections of equipment as required. They also report conditions of electrical appliances on board the rig to the barge engineer.

Fork lift operator: A fork lift operator assist in picking up, adjusting, removing and replacing rig equipment on the rigging location. They also help in putting equipment and material onto the flat bed of the road truck and take the fork lift to and fro the rigging location.

Road truck driver: Basically, a road truck driver drives the haul truck used for rigging up and down. Heavy rigging materials and certain equipment needed are conveyed to the rigging location by the driver.

Rig mechanic: A rig mechanic attends to any mechanical fault of the rig on board. They repair and maintain equipment to avoid mechanical default at the drilling place. They work with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, therefore, carry out a necessary preventive measure to avoid malfunction of the on board rig.

Motorhand: A motorhand handles equipment, generators, and supply power to rig for operation. They work hand in hand with the floorhand, assist in offloading materials and also help drillers in carrying out rigging activities.

Field maintenance technician: A field maintenance technician repairs and maintain equipment on the rig site. They also test and adjust equipment before usage, document condition of equipment and request for a replacement if need be. They also help in training crew members on how to handle and use appropriately.

Floorhand: A floorhand helps out in drilling activities. They construct drill pipe connection and trip pipe in and out. Their job also includes general cleaning, checking and maintenance of drilling equipment before and after drilling.

Derrickman: A derrickman is a subordinate to the driller. They report the situation of things going on down the drilling directly to the driller. They watch over the properties of drilling fluid pumped down the hole and take care of it maintain the properties there in. They handle pipe, clean and repair mud pump during drilling.

Swamper: A swamper assists in the general activities taking place at the rigging site. Some of this activities include; helping in the loading and offload of equipment from one location to the other, assisting in the rigging operation, and other workers on the rigging location.


How to apply: For anyone interested in applying for a job at Nomac drilling, you have to log into the company website and click on the career page. Getting to the career page, the applicant can check for the current job opportunities and apply for the position of your choice.

As the company gives an avenue for an online application through their career page website, so also there is room for in-store application. Applications can be submitted hand company.

To fill an application form, the applicant has to download a pdf form or click the online link to apply. Basic details and Personal information of the applicant will be required with an upload of a resume, Work and education history and then, job assessment, and then the form can be submitted.

The resume must be a clear and well-written one. It must contain a summary of cogent work history, skills and qualifications. It must be written in a professional format. The resume must be briefly simple, without rigidity or any ambiguity.

In preparation for an interview at Nomac drilling, be on a look out for past interviews for the job post, do a personal research on the company’s profile to avoid messing up an unforeseen question about the company, dress in an approachable manner.  Look and sound like the professional impression you give and be prompt at the interview venue.


What does work culture look like at Nomac drilling? Most times, employees work in a group or as a team with a good management. The highest level of safety and precautions are taken with a decent erected accommodation on drill site included.

It is a great fun filled the place to work where work activities are carried out and certain milestones are commemorated. On May 20, 2010, the company received an award of a 1,000th TDS-11 top drive from National Oilwell Varco which was celebrated after a week. The company often celebrate years of incident-free on the work site.

The company is known to be one of the top notch drilling company in the United States. As earlier stated, it is known to be among the top gas producing company and for the record, Nomac’s first rig hit the field in 2001.

The company has made provisions for a social effort such as fund raising and awareness for health treatment. For instance, there was a rig that was drilled to raise an awareness for breast cancer. The rig was wrapped in pink ribbon to serve as a reminder of the importance of finding a cure.