Nine West Application & Careers

Nine West is a fashion retail company that produces various fashion pieces such as signature shoes, bags, and clothing. The brand’s style is both eccentric and classy, giving much attention to detail (a signature staple in women’s fashion).

The company was founded by Vince Camuto and Jerome Fisher in 1973. They opened their specialty retail store in Stamford, Connecticut, where it was originally advertised as a footwear brand. Over the years, the company expanded into selling other goods.

The company has over 900 retail stores around the world, with up to 10,000 employees in total. Since being acquired by The Jones Apparel Group in 1999, the brand continues to expand its products to cater to the modern woman.

Full-time employees enjoy various benefits from the fashion retail company. They’re given access to 401K plans, basic health and dental insurance, employee discounts, paid time off, and many more.

Employees appreciate the fact that they get work with like-minded individuals and interact with all types of customers day in and day out. They are also given the option to work either part-time or full-time.

How old do you have to be to work at Nine West?

To be deemed qualified for application, you must be at least 16 years old. However, note that the youngest applicants are only offered retail work at this point.

Nine West Careers

There are various career options in the company, most of which require determination and focus to serve customers as well as keep track of the latest trends.

Sales Associate: Sales associates deal with customers on a daily basis, and therefore are required to have excellent communication skills as well as knowledge of the brand’s products to further assist customers in retail stores. Sales associates must be lively and approachable, with a good eye for fashion.

Store Manager: Store managers are responsible for running their assigned retail store, as well as keeping track of both sales and expenses. They’re expected to work closely with sales associates and so, store managers must exemplify leadership qualities as well as exhibit helpfulness.

Assistant Store Manager: Assistant store managers are in charge of assisting the store manager to inspire sales associates to achieve maximum productivity in the workplace. They need quick thinking to tackle problems as they arise. Assistant store managers also assist in the hiring process.

Senior Retail Sales Associate: Senior retail sales associates come up with strategies to set and oversee current sales. They deliver solutions to incoming sales problems in the company, and therefore must possess familiarity with the procedures and strategies currently in place (as well as those that failed to produce good results).

Account Executive: Account executives are in charge of meeting advertising clients to discuss their needs. They are also expected to present ideas for future campaigns and keep track of the progress of clients when it comes to adverts. Knowledge in information technology is advantageous, given the shift marketing to the online world.

Warehouse Worker: Warehouse workers are in charge of assisting in shipping and receiving stocks of merchandise, and are required to make sure that all stocks are organized and packed. Warehouse workers are also required to do inventory work, and must not fail to take every shipment they process into account.

Sales Representative: A sales representative’s main job involves selling products to customers. However, they must also ensure that the buying procedure stays smooth and flawless for the sake of customer experience. Sales representatives are expected to meet their sales quota, and in turn help in achieving store-wide profit goals.

Production Coordinator: Production coordinators must ensure that the products being made and delivered meet the quality standards set by the fashion retail company. They are mainly in charge of distributing production schedules, and are tasked to maintain the accuracy of inventory reports.

Market Manager: The market manager spends time improving the recruitment process and handles staff development in multiple retail locations. Those interested in this position should possess the necessary analytical abilities for the aforesaid tasks. Market managers work more than 40 hours a week and may be given additional roles whenever necessary.

Jewelry Designer: Given the responsibility to come up with new accessories, jewelry designers must be well-versed in doing research and monitoring fashion trends. They should also be able to create ideas and suggestions (in the form of sketches and technical drawings) that coincide with the brand’s image and goals.

Nine West Application

Interested applicants may apply for a job through Nine West’s website, but are still required to submit their resumes and show up for personal interviews before getting hired.

While many choose to apply through the web, there’s always the option to inquire in-store and speak to a manager. He or she may ask for a copy of your resume, so come prepared.

In filling the application form, you may need to list your skills and capabilities. Your preferred schedule and thoughts towards being part of a team may also be requested.

Resumes must be organized and not look rushed, with detailed achievements and traits that will complement the job description. A list of relevant achievements will raise your chances of getting hired faster.

The interview process will require you to dress in business clothing. You should be prepared to be asked questions regarding the company. Having knowledge about Nine West’s products and vision is important.

Things To Know About Nine West

Nine West caters to different kinds of women all over the world. Their designs are suited for women with a great sense of style and wish to flaunt it in the corporate setting.

The Jones Apparel Group acquired Nine West, which proved to be beneficial for the fashion retail brand. This allowed for the expansion of products as well as store locations around the world.

Nine West is known for their statement shoes and bags, as well as their eccentric yet classy design that reflects the brand’s founding place: New York City.

The company has recently started a charity called Soles4Souls, which aids poor communities by distributing pairs of shoes in over 70 countries around the globe.

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