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Nicor gas Inc. is an energy company with operations in Illinois and headquartered in Naperville. It is a monster company in the energy industry. It has more than two million customers with over 51000 km pipeline connections. It mostly serves most parts of the northern Illinois, Chicago excluded from that.

The company was founded in 1954 and is currently owned by AGL Resources. It is a great employer in the region, with favorable working conditions for its workers. Nicor hiring process is open and free to all interested persons who meet the required skills and experience. One can apply for Nicor gas jobs by filling an application form on their website.

While making Nicor gas job application, one needs to study the requirements for the employment opportunities available in order to land the job easily. The Nicor gas job application online portal provides conditions one should meet to clinch a job. From the career portal, one can download the application form as well as attach the resume on it. It can be a printable application form if one wishes to print.

Nicor Gas Careers

Nicor gas careers range from management jobs to casual jobs.  Most of the Nicor gas jobs are well paying. They include meter reader job, shop helper, customer care specialist, service technician, and engineer in system planning, human resource manager, senior analyst, accountant and many others.

How to apply online? Interested individuals can make application for Nicor Gas jobs online by visiting Nicor Gas careers website. Conditions for each of the job opportunities are well illustrated on the site.  Competitive wages are offered and conducive working environment.

How old do you have to be to work Nicor Gas? To apply for jobs at Nicor Gas, the individuals should be of 18 years and above. One also is required to be available for 24 hours a day, throughout the week. Before filling for Nicor Gas jobs online applications, one should be aware of the conditions listed above.

The benefits of working for the company include, going for leaves which are payable, employees are retained for a long time, and there are retirement benefits for workers, paid training programs, life insurance covers and career development opportunities.

The online application  platform is an ideal place to do the job application for Nicor jobs. The website is under the umbrella of AGL Resources which is the owner of Nicor Gas. Otherwise, one can make direct application to the company’s main office with its location being at Atlanta. One can present the filled printable application form of Nicor Gas to the main office or at any other location where hiring is taking place.

Nicor Gas Job Descriptions

Here is a brief description of the jobs offered at Nicor Gas and the amount of salary they attract.

Customer Service Representative – The person is charged with listening and serving the customers accordingly. Responsibilities include answering customers’ comments, questions and queries through phone or via email. Also does billing and payment processing. Should also have excellent communication skills. Salary rates are between $12 and $13 per hour.

Meter Reader/Measurement Specialist – The meter specialist installs and repair commercial and residential gas meters. Work also involves collecting data about the meters and analyzing it. Also help to explain to customers on the changes required on the meter. The salary ranges between $ 40000 and $ 50000 per year. Previous work experience is a requirement for this position. Those without are required to undergo training under the company.

Engineer System Planning – The engineer provides hydraulic model analysis for marketing, gas control, field and system operations, gas supply and Engineering design for Nicor gas. Develop common processes and database for managing back office systems. Also charged with the duty of developing written emergency system reinforcement plans. Salary range is between $ 70000 and $75000 per month.

Revenue Analyst – The responsibilities of the analyst are to conduct feasibility studies at Nicor Gas. Maintain and the accuracy of  the model and coordinating cost updates with other departments, facilitating enhancement of  Nicor gas tariffs , prepares and documents feasibility study projects , files rates returns FOR Nicor Gas ‘ new business and existing customers. Salary is $40000 per month.

Nicor Gas Interview Questions

While going through an interview session with the Nicor gas in a bid to find employment, there are a number of questions you are likely to be asked in order for you to sail through. Here are some of the questions you are likely to be asked. The questions vary depending with the job type you are pursuing.

Which is your biggest weakness? The employer want wants to know whether your weakness will affect your output in the company. One should evaluate his weakness to ensure it does not affect his/her fortune.

Why did you choose this job? The employer wants to know whether you got the skills and technical capacity required. One should therefore illustrate the skills and the experience he/she has, regarding the job. One should give a detailed explanation as to why he/she should be hired by the organization.

Explain the time you were unsuccessful in helping a customer? This is especially meant for customer service representative. The employer want to know how your unsuccessful would also hinder in helping a customer likewise in the company.

Where do you see yourself in the next one year? The employer wants to realize the ambitions you have in life. Will your ambitions be positive or negative in the success of the business? Are they over ambitious or not. Always one should state goals that are achievable.

Advice for Application Process

During the process of the interview, there are a number of things that one should consider in a bid to emerge successful. Whether you make Nicor Gas application online or through a local office, some tips are important during the process.

One should check out at the job description to ascertain whether he/she meets the required standards. Questions asked come from the field of interest and it is therefore vital to have a broader understanding of it. These will ensure that one is not found off-guard in the job interview questions.

Another thing to consider is being available for the interview. One should ensure that he/she is available on the slated time and date for it. One should avoid being late or failing to show up since that will paint a negative image of oneself. The interview process is rigorous and involves a lot of people, hence there is no time to waste.

Furthermore, it is important to show respect to those conducting the interview. Being rude and uncooperative is never a right thing, regardless to whether you have made an online application or a direct application. Finally, the Nicor Gas application is a free application process, one should be on the lookout to avoid fraudsters.
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