Newark Liberty International Airport Application & Careers


Since opening on October 1, 1928, Newark Liberty International Airport has been a frontrunner of aviation history. It is the nations’ oldest airfield and home to the first commercial airline terminal. In 1935, Amelia Earhart led the dedication of this landmark terminal building, giving Newark, Liberty International historical significance.

Located partly in Newark, and partly in Elizabeth, the airline terminal is 14 miles from Manhattan, serving an essential role for New York to New Jersey metropolitan area. With a strong emphasis on community, the culture of Newark Liberty International Airport invests in its people and training just as much as they invest in its infrastructure, working closely with elected officials throughout the region on a variety of community-based initiatives. Each year they host a number of educational and community events, ranging from career days that help students explore aviation career opportunities to an annual 5K run around Teteboro Airport.

In 1948, the Port Authority took over Newark Liberty International Airport and immediately began making improvements. It added a terminal building, a control tower, Port Authority Administration Building, the Central Heating and refrigeration plant, and an instrument runway. To this day, the Port Authority continues to make additions to the airport.

The Newark Liberty International Airport received six first-place awards on March 22, 2005 for best concessions, and most unique services. In a national retail competition in the Airport Revenue News’ Best Concessions annual competition. Collectively, Port Authority airports have won a combined 26 first places prizes, which stands as a testament to the quality of the service.

Newark Liberty International Airport Interview Questions

What pleased you about this organization that makes you want to work for it? Be cautious answering this question since any doubt will be sensed. Your answer will depend on the research you have done and the goals you aspire to achieve with the organization which will be of benefit the company and relate to them.

For you deliver the best work, what motivates you? This question appeals to personal attributes. This is another chance to impress the interviewer with the numerous achievements you have had and challenges that have made you be recognized for your energetic and determined service to deliver. Promotions, Awards, Recognition etc are just but a number that motivates employees of an organization.

How do you think your co-workers see you? As mentioned above be optimistic about yourself, make sure you have two or more phrases from your work mates, in addition deliver their statements in an active voices. For instance” You are a very principled person and very enthusiastic about your work” Seb Webber said at Conservation company LLC.

Are you positive about yourself? Yes! Is the perfect answer for this followed by a short explanation of the goals you have set and what you are willing to achieve. A clear and catchy description about your self is what will sell you to have the job. Praising yourself with positive traits is what the interviews are looking for.

If hired for how long are you willing to work for us? Never specify on this question instead say that you will be there so long as the organization recognizes your work, or preferably along term job is the best so long as you are enjoying what you are doing.

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