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New Jersey Transit

New Jersey Transit is a public transportation system active throughout New Jersey and neighboring parts of New York State primarily. The transportation company is owned by the state of New Jersey and run by a government-appointed Board of Directors. Their services consist of buses, rail lines, and light rail lines.

This transit system is the third largest provider of bus, rail, and light rail transit in the United States. The company provides transportation services across 5,325 square miles. Working in this area is a fleet of 2,027 buses, 711 trains, and 45 light rail vehicles. The service offers 236 bus routes and 12 rail lines. They provide over 222 million passenger trips a year.

The transit service was founded in 1979 following the passage of the Public Transportation Act, put in place to “acquire, operate and contract for transportation service in the public interest.” The organization incorporated the services of several bus companies to get started. Then in 1983 they created a commuter rail service by merging several failing railroads. A direct service line to New York City was added in the 1990s.

The rail system was significantly damaged in Hurricane Sandy in 2012, due to a 13-foot tidal wave that hit many coastal areas. The wave flooded rail stations, washed away track, and damaged many pieces of rail equipment. A study on the disaster shows that NJT did not properly prepare for the flood. Since then the transit system has invested in several clean up and repair projects as well as in implementing measures to avoid flood damage in the future.

New Jersey Transit Interview Questions

How will you compensate for your lack of experience? If the interviewer doesn’t know about some of your experience, you will need to tell them. If you are lacking experience, you will want to tell the interviewer that you are a hard worker who learns things very quickly. If you have the experience, just share that you believe that you have enough experience to take on the job.

Would you put the interests of the organization ahead of your own? Just say yes. This question is designed to see if you will be a loyal employee. Don’t worry about all the reasons that you wouldn’t put the company’s interests before your own. Don’t worry about anything except showing that you will be dedicated and loyal to the company you may be working for in the near future.

Why do you think you would be an asset for this company? This question gives you a great opportunity to highlight some of your greatest qualities and skills. You will want to focus your answer to the position and company you are working for. Be sure that you don’t ramble. Your answer should be succinct, but give a great insight into your greatest skills.

Can you tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others? For this question, you will want to pick one specific workplace dispute to discuss with the interviewer. You will want to share the story about what happened, why you were involved, and how you helped settle it. Be sure that you don’t appear to pick a side, because they just want to know how you helped settle it, not your personal opinion on the situation.

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