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The National Grid is a company that produces clean energy for its more than 20 million of clients around Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts. It also operates and delivers electricity and gas at the United Kingdom.

The company was established as early as 1986 in the United Kingdom with the British Gas (BG) Privatization. Then, it extended its services in the United States.

Since then, the company has developed new technologies. Currently, it operates in three states in the United States plus Great Britain. Also, the company has been included in Forbes Top Regarded Companies List in 2017.

Meanwhile, the workers of the company are receiving great perks from the service they render. As such, they give a competitive salary, dental and medical insurance, tuition reimbursement for their children, 401 (k) savings plan, and etc.

Employees love working with the company because they can learn new things and develop their careers. They can earn a living and provide the needs of their family. Furthermore, the company treats each worker equally.

How old do you have to be to work at the National Grid?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The company does not accept minors. Also, they wish to hire someone who has at least graduated from high school.

National Grid Careers

The company offers various job positions to interested applicants. They have full-time positions in some parts of the United States and in the United Kingdom. They also have job posts for fresh graduates and experienced professionals. Here are some of the available positions offered by the company:

Communications Tester B: The Communications Tester must be able to install, maintain, and test the radio systems which are not used effectively. He must also install and maintain data collection. Furthermore, the Communications Tester must be knowledgeable in using the computer so he can submit regular reports to the management.

Complex Connections Representative-Gas Growth: The Complex Connections Representative is responsible for fulfilling requests from the customer. If there are inquiries coming from clients, he must deal with it. He must have good communication skills to be able to provide quality customer service. Finally, he must learn to develop pricing for customer contributions and be able to build new infrastructures.

Gas System Operator: The Gas System Operator is in charge of operating the natural gas transmission of the company. He must also manage the daily gas supply and operate company’s procedures with safety. He is also expected to prepare the reports on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis.

Performance Excellence Analyst: The Performance Excellence Analyst must be able to aid in identifying the process improvement opportunities. He must also be able to quantify the financial opportunities and the benefits offered by the projects. He must conduct an analysis of the performance trends and be able to provide an insight that can help with the business.

Real Estate Specialist: The Real Estate Specialist is responsible for administering transactions, coordinating appraisals, and conducting other real estate assessments and reviews. He is also in charge of performing technical feasibility and cost studies to prepare property rights of the company’s real estates. Furthermore, he must manage the diverse portfolio of the properties of the company.

Regulation and Pricing Analyst: The Regulation and Pricing Analyst is responsible for performing external research with regards to the federal and state policies and ensuring that the company is complying such laws. He must also collate data and analyze it accordingly. Furthermore, the Regulation and Pricing Analyst must have a good relationship with the stakeholders to exchange information for the benefit of the company.

Relay Technician: The Relay Technician is responsible for applying the manufacturer’s instruction for adjusting and maintaining the equipment. He must be able to install, repair, and investigate the transformers and SCADA equipment of the company. Finally, he must be knowledgeable in making reports regularly.

Salesforce Test Lead: The Sales Force Test Lead is responsible for assisting the software development teams to provide business processes and technical functionality. He must develop schedules, test plans, and procedures to meet the test requirements of the company. It is also important that the Salesforce Test Lead must de

Sr. Customer Service Representatives: The Sr. Customer Service Representatives is tasked with providing a quick and accurate response to the inquiries of the customers. He must have excellent customer service skills and be able to provide solutions to problems of the customers. Furthermore, he must be knowledgeable of the products and services of the company.

Unarmed Security Officer: The Unarmed Security Officer is in charge to patrol the entry and exits of the company’s location. He must ensure that the premises are safe at all times. He must maintain the visitors’ logbook and be able to perform other security duties assigned to him. Furthermore, he must be able to endure long hours of walking or standing.

National Grid Application

Those who wish to apply in the company can create their resume, send it to them, and wait for their call. The Human Resource team will review each application and shortlist the qualified applicants for the said job position.

There are two ways to apply. First, you can check the official website and apply in there. Second, you can visit the nearest power center and give to them your cover letter plus resume.

Meanwhile, it is easy to submit your application online. Just sign in via Yahoo, LinkedIn, or Google+. Then, fill in the form provided completely. Always see to it that you don’t miss any item from the form.

In the creation of your resume, always make sure that you indicate your personal data, educational background, and work experience. Have it complete as possible.

Finally, wait for the message of the Human Resource team. If you received a notification of your interview schedule, see to it that you dress appropriately. Answer all questions of the hiring team according to the best of your knowledge.

Things To Know About National Grid

The workers of the company find the experience to be both exciting and fun. Also, everyone is treated equally even if they came from different race and class. Unlike other companies, the perks the National Grid offers are great too!

One newsworthy event regarding the company is that they are doing great efforts to help save the environment. They are one of the recognized leaders in sustainable energy systems. They also create smart energy policies for their customers.

Indeed, the company is known for providing innovative, sustainable, and affordable energy solutions to the people of the United States and Great Britain. They work well with other organizations and partners.

As such, the company also gives back to the community by establishing the National Grid Foundation in 1998. This foundation works with various non-profit organizations to inspire and transform the lives of the communities.

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