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Nashville Electric Service is a public electric company in Tennesse, USA. It is among the largest companies in the electric industry in USA. It distributes energy to more than 350,000 customers in Nashville. It covers an area of 1,800km sq in Nashville and Davidson county and parts of the surrounding counties.

It was founded on 1939 as Tennessee Electric Power Company and after a legal row with Tennessee valley authority; it was renamed Nashville Electric service. Its mandate is to supply power to local residents in the area to ensure they go on with their businesses smoothly.  It is a committed power provider and spares no efforts serving its clients.

Nashville offers a range of employment opportunities, career development programs and competitive pay and benefits to its employees. One can make Nashville Electric Service application for job by submitting application form and resume through an online career portal, using the link provided below the article. Nashville Electric Service jobs are open to all individuals and everyone has equal chances of securing a job.

Nashville Electric Service Careers

Nashville Electric careers available for hiring include electrical engineer conveyor specialist, project manager, journeyman electrician, HAVC technician, sales representative  and service technician just to mention but a few.  Nashville Electric Service jobs require proficient skills; hence before making application one must ensure that he/she has the required experience and qualities. While making Nashville Electric Service application, one must attach his/her resume proving his worth. The Nashville Electric jobs are limited and hence those interested must hurry.

How to apply for Nashville Electrics online?  Nashville Electric careers are available online. One can make free application by filling a form and attaching a resume on the company’s career portal. Nashville job application online is easy, one does save time wasted on travelling to the office location. A printable application form for Nashville Electric is available on the portal, which can be summated to their offices through a direct application.

How old do you have to be to work at Nashville Electric Services? For a person to apply for jobs at Nashville Electric he/she must be of 18 years and above.

Nashville Electric Job Description

Here is a brief job description job opportunities at Nashville Electrics.

Associates engineer

Responsibilities include assisting with engineering projects and design maps and drawings for electric power transmission and distribution, control systems, communication systems, substations, and street lighting. Can earn pay rates of $40,000 a year.

System operator

Responsibilities include de-energizing, clearing and tagging lines and equipment for maintenance and construction. Control electric systems through supervisory control and data acquisition system. Salary range from $38000

Junior clerk

Junior clerks must maintain open lines of communication. Workers answer telephones and refer calls as needed .may also operate office equipments. Wages are mostly hourly for and not less than $12 per hour.

Service technician

Is responsible to performs Journey-level work in the inspection, repair, and service of Tesla electric vehicles, operate a variety of hand, power, and shop tools. Perform equipment inspections, adjustments and certifications, pick up and deliver customer vehicles using full size van and 20ft trailer.

Benefits of working at Nashville Electrics include health cover for employees and their family members, pension schemes for retired employees, regular leaves with pay, and housing of some employees.

Nashville Electrics Interview Questions

Nashville Electrics like any other employer do hold interviews for prospective job seekers to establish their experience and ability to work in a certain career.  Whether one makes application directly or online, it is a must to be asked some questions. Here are some of the possible questions to be asked.

Why did you choose this job? The employer is trying to establish the level of interest one has in the job. The employer is trying to gauge whether one will be committed in working for the company. One should therefore elaborate positive reasons as to why he chose the job.

How are your previous skills and relevant to this position?  This question is meant to establish whether your past experience will make the company better or not. One should there strive to prove that the past experience will help work towards realization of the company’s goals.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?  The question is meant to prove whether one is an ambitious person and will work to fulfill the objectives of the organization. One should there outline his/her ambitions precisely.

Which is your biggest challenge in your present job? The employer wants to establish whether that challenge if it exists in the company too will affect you.

How do you rate our company? The interviewer wants to establish the opinion you have  about the company, how the company is faring out there, is it  able to fulfill  the demands of its clients.

Advice for Application process

While preparing for an interview for Nashville Electrics jobs online or after a direct application, one needs to have all relevant information about the job of interest. This will help one to be conversant with what is likely to be asked.  Most questions come from the area of interest and hence it is necessary to be informed.

In addition one has to outline his/her ability to do the job in an illustrious manner. Go to the in-depth of your experience your experience, academic achievements and skills. Shallow description of the said, may hinder one from getting the job. The trust of an employer is won by going into details on what one can help achieve.

It is also necessary to not to hesitate anytime asked a question. Hesitating will make the interviewer think of you as not confident. Exuding confidence is key to any form of interview, since it portrays what a person is made of.

It is also important to be grateful for any chance awarded. The process of hiring always involves dozens of interested candidates and being shortlisted for an interview is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.  One can down load the application, fill printable application form or make direct application for Nashville careers.
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