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Motel 6 is a hotel chain under another company called The Blackstone Group. Along with Motel 6 is Studio 6, which is another chain of extended stay hotels.

The company originated in Santa Barbara, California back in 1962. Building contractors William Backer and Paul Greene aspire to start a motel business with an affordable cost. A night costs $6.00 during that time.

Motel 6 takes a big step ahead of its competitors as it graces 2010’s Top 10 of Best Large Hotel, design-wise, by Travel and Leisure Magazine. With their affordable rates and newly renovated locations, the hotel is your best bet.

Benefits of the employees include competitive pays, performance extras, health and life insurance plans, transportation allowance, fitness plans, 401k retirement plan, employee discounts, and legal assistance.

The well compensated employees properly serving the patrons are continuously enriched through community involvement activities, employee related awards, job preparations, and professional growth. Truly, people work to serve and they deserve some rewards.

How old do you have to be to work at Motel 6?

There is no indicated age requirement for the following job offers, but one must take note of the essentials, such as educational attainment and years of experience with the related fields.

Motel 6 Careers

The company is in search of those who have a Heart for Service and the determination to develop with the business. Having a professional assertiveness, a desire to advance one’s career and has innovative spirit, Motel 6 is looking forward to take you in the crew.

Customer Service Rep: The Customer Service Representative is in charge of assisting the visitors with their booking essentials, and also aiding with any impending arrangement prospects. No specific educational attainment and related experience required. But the company is need of people who are attentive, friendly and able to advertise the newly refurbished establishment locations.

Area Maintenance Technician: The Area Maintenance Technician is liable for establishment upkeep and supporting with employing the Preventive Maintenance Program at several estates. The company is need of people who have working knowledge with Windows and Microsoft Office functions, and intermediate proficiency in technical maintenance necessities such as construction, carpentry, and many others.

Guest Relations Agent: The Guest Relations Agent is responsible for anticipating the client’s needs by studying their account history and profile, recording their account progress, responding to inquiries, along with coordinating with the staff. The company is in need of people who are great listeners and problem solvers, who can deal with the job’s pressure fluidly.

Housekeeper: The Housekeeper is responsible for the basic facility maintenance. Duties included are cleaning the room, and restocking room necessities such as putting on new bedsheet and towel, and others. He / She must report to the Head Housekeeper in regards to the facility’s well-being. No specific educational attainment and related experience required.

Property Maintenance Person: The Property Maintenance Person is in charge of maintaining the establishment as per company guidelines. Duties include facility repairs (redecorating, electrical matters, etc.), assisting visitors in regards to room issues, and coordinating with the other maintenance teams to ensure quality service. No specific educational attainment and related experience required.

Manager on Duty: The Manager on Duty is the one responsible for overseeing the team member’s duties and assuring that the crew is doing their job. He / She also oversees the financial development of the assigned establishment, assists in customer inquiries, promoting the compliance of company guidelines, and guiding subordinates to improve their well-being.

Renovations Reporting Specialist: The Renovations Reporting Specialist is answerable in regards to understanding and helping with the development of the presentation of establishment renovation progress, and making reports that guarantee ongoing clearness and delivering data-related comprehensions to prompt wise policy making. A degree in accounting, with 1-3 years analytics-related experience, is required.

Financial Analyst: The Financial Analyst is accountable for analysing and managing financial reports and progress, as well as reporting to the higher ups and coordinating with crew members in the finance department in regards to the said progress. Degree in Accounting, with 3-5 years related experience is required.

Legal Support Coordinator: The Legal Support Coordinator is in charge of the litigation progress of the company. Duties include supporting from beginning/discovery to harmonising with field associates and external guidance, as well as investigating data and conscripting official papers. Related degree and 1-3 years of experience is required.

Director of Operations: The Director of Operations is in charge of guaranteeing and preparing establishment teams and their respective operators to provide unswerving quality experience. Duties include being able to achieve company’s financial objectives, as well as aiding the team members to be prosperous in developing their competences and communal connections.

Motel 6 Application

Onsite application is encouraged by the establishment. View the list of their available careers in their site, and inquire at the nearest branch for more details.

To apply online, click “Careers” tab on the lowest part of the site. Then look for the “Apply Today”. Click the desired position, and finally, click “Apply for this job online”. You will be directed to the registration page.

Be specific with the inputted details, and read the description carefully. Remember facts like the age limit, required educational attainment, and preferred years of experience.

Don’t forget to include your name, contact data, and email. Be sure of the facts you put into your resume. Provide sufficient facts and enough industry key words to get through the selection procedure.

Score your interview by putting on your best attire, arriving on or before the interview schedule, and also making sure your resume information and your interview answers match.

Things To Know About Motel 6

The company’s culture is caring, charitable, and determined employees. Implementing the core values and healthy corporate relation with crew members, the company has a work environment that is reliable, inspiring and irreplaceable.

Be updated with the latest news and promos through checking out on their Application (available in Google Play), and their Social Media pages. Travel tips, promos, and updates about renovated branches are included.

From a ray of hope of two people’s dreams to being one of the most iconic establishments, Motel 6 is the most economical amongst its competitors, making them the people’s choice.

Motel 6’s Corporate Responsibility is participation with environmental programs and promoting nature’s well-being. This includes environment friendly interiors implemented on the ongoing renovations, involvement with Earth Day programs, and attaining LEED Certification from USGBC.

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