Mercy Hospital Application & Careers


Mercy Hospital is a leading hospital in Miami Florida giving quality health care to its residence. It is a catholic based hospital. It is a 488 beds. The hospital dates back to 1940s. It has expanded over time to what it is now.

Mercy Miami mission hospital was started in in 1940s to respond to the growing number of patients. This co-coincided with the on going world war II. With need to increase hospital beds, the Diocese of St. Augustine, then the diocese for all of Florida stepped in to address this problem. It did a fundraiser in various places including schools, theater and even homes to raise money for the construction.

The Mercy Hospital provides a number of services to its patients and visitors.
It offers both in patient and out patient services. Mercy Hospital has an up to date heart center that caters for all the needs of the heart. It has the most recent machines and equipment needed to perform heart surgery and heart problem diagnosis. It employs over 700 physicians and staff.

The hospital prides in receiving various awards and recognition for its outstanding operations.
In 2012 the hospital received the Joint Commission Top Performer Quality and Safety award. This is due to the data provided as key to improving clinical care and heart treatment. Other awards includes; The Joint Commission accreditation for meeting top performing in service delivery. The American College of surgeons award for its cancer center. It has further received accreditation for its stoke center, the Primary Stroke Center award.

How Old do you have to to work at Mercy Hospital?

To work at Mercy Hospital, you must be an adult. One must be above 18 years. According to the post, he must posses the relevant experience. One must have a clean record from past employers.

Mercy Hospital Careers

Lab Assistant; Mercy Hospital is seeking qualified individuals with at least a diploma in laboratory science and two years experience.He or she must have a well knowledge of operating various testing machines. An individual with previous experience in a busy, well equipped hospital is required.

Radiologist; The cancer center is seeking a qualified and experienced radiologist to work with the hospital. He or she must have worked in a big and busy hospital for at least 4 years. He or she need a very well versed knowledge of interpretation and detection. He must have a university degree.

Registrar: An individual with post high school diploma and at least two years experience is required to fill the position of hospital registrar. He or she must be very good in data entry and record keeping. Having worked with a busy international hospital is an added advantage.

Clinical Officer: A qualified individual with at least a higher diploma or a degree is required. He must have worked in a busy hospital for at least three years. Must be registered with all relevant boards and regulators. He must be very compassionate and kin

Other carriers available at Mercy Hospital include, gynecologist, dentist, nurses, nurse aids, clerks among others. qualified individuals are requested to apply. One can apply by visiting the websites listed below. All must be registered with relevant boards and regulators.

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