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massage envy

Sometimes, with grueling schedules and demanding responsibilities at home, work or school, we need to take a moment and pause to spend some time on ourselves.  Massage Envy is the perfect solution to help relieve some of your stress and rejuvenate your body while enjoying a massage or other specialty skin treatment.  With locations across the country, each franchise offers its clients a calm and relaxing experience in an award winning atmosphere.

The company’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Joseph C. Magnacca, took over the reins of over 1,100 locations cross county.  The business model of franchise ownership seems to work well for this membership based brand, as their popularity continues to expand.  They plan to open additional locations in new areas in the future.

Some of the services available to Massage Envy members include wellness massages, facials and huge discounts on total body care products.  The membership structure is quite flexible, as it offers varying package models catered to your particular needs.  The company employs some of the best licensed professional massage therapists and estheticians in the industry who strive to provide a carefree and reviving experience.

If you can sneak away, even just for an hour, call and schedule a relaxing treatment at the clinic nearest you.  In addition to relaxation, the benefits of massage therapy are also known to help with pain management, flexibility and muscle movement.  With a wide variety of treatment options, Massage Envy provides an array of treatment options to help keep your body in tune so you can keep moving during your busy days!  We are only given one body in this life – we need to take care of it!

Massage Envy Interview Questions

How well do your skills match this job, compared to other jobs? The correct response is to assure the interviewers that you are best suited for this particular job. It is important that they feel confident that you are motivated and driven to work for them, and that you will not be tempted to leave for another more desired position elsewhere. It is fine for you to be confident and to know that you have many options, but focus on how you feel the most excited about this job.

How do you describe your integrity and drive? Talk about what you can offer the company, and tailor your answer to fit the values of the company. Focus not only on your commitment and effort, but also on your passion for creating an elegant, complete project or product. If applicable, discuss how you pay attention to detail and are very thorough.

Are you willing to relocate or travel extensively for the job? You should have your answer prepared for this question in advance. Make sure that you discuss this with your family, friends, roommates, etc. before you promise anything, and be clear with the interviewers about your status. Even if you are currently able to move, but have doubts about doing so in the future, do not offer a yes or even a maybe. If you are in fact able to move, be clear about your logistics in doing so, and inquire about relocation compensation and time allowance for potential moves.

What makes you the best candidate? Do not be tempted to put others down when answering this question. Instead, use the job description as a template to demonstrate how you are qualified to meet and excel in every requirement. Discuss how your qualifications and strengths would continue to help the company in the future.

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