Marshalls Application & Careers

Marshalls is a chain of department stores in the United States. It is owned by TJX Companies. Although it has its main headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, the company also has stores over 42 states in America and Puerto Rico, as well as 61 stores in Canada. It is the second largest retail company in the country.

Marshalls was founded by Alfred Marshall, Bernard Goldston, Irving Blitt, and Norman Barren in 1962. It was conceptualized as a “brand for less” chain of stores. In the beginning, Marshall and his associates offered homeware and retail clothes at incredibly cheap prices. They sold almost everything: from shoes to sporting goods.

Aside from being the second largest retail chain in America, Marshalls has expanded its business to Canada and South America. It has also developed local and national partnerships with different charitable institutions. Marshalls is dedicated to helping homeless children and families through their various programs. These include the National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign, United Way, Domestic Violence Prevention, among others.

Marshalls is a stable company, whose revenues grow exponentially every year. Working for a multinational company will help you learn the fundamentals of retail marketing. Marshalls offers various challenging tasks that would develop your talent and skills. This company fully supports the professional growth of their employees.

Marshalls also boasts of creating a friendly work environment for its employees. It can serve as a great place for people to learn new things. The employees are trained on how to properly deal with customers. Marshalls also provides a number of benefits, including a pay-raise after 6 months. Their supervisors are also quick to spot highly skilled individuals for promotions.

How old do you have to be to work at Marshalls?

Marshalls accepts applicants as young as 16 years old for entry level jobs. However, certain rules for underage employees vary for each state so it would be best to double check what applies to your location before applying.

Company Careers

Customer Service Coordinator. You will be required to work on POS systems and provide a quick response to customers. You also have to offer solutions whenever customers encounter problems. Customer service coordinators should be courteous and should possess excellent communication skills.

Merchandise Associate. You will handle daily store operations and supervise merchandise presentations, fitting rooms, markdowns, processing, and layaway. You should be able to work for an entire shift and be detail-oriented. Marshalls require workers who can move around a lot and speak fluently to clients and business partners.

Sales Associate. You are expected to have superior customer service skills. You will not only be speaking to various customers, but you will also listen to their concerns. You will be promoting brands and goods to customers, strategically highlighting product features and their benefits to the clients.

Assistant Store Manager. The assistant store manager carries out other functions of the store manager. Like the latter, you will train the staff and orient them on company values and regulations. You will help in preparing training modules and review the performance of each staff member. You will also carefully study store and product competition. Sometimes you will also have to demonstrate a product works.

Store Manager. You will supervise a specific branch, receive and implement instructions from the district manager, and protect the brand. Great leadership skills are required. You must be able to inspire your team and keep them motivated. A store manager likewise trains his team and creates the staff’s schedules. Store managers write data reports and order supplies.

District Manager. You are in charge of all the stores in a district. You will give out orders to the store manager and see to it that these are executed on time. You have to ensure that operations flow smoothly and that each store meets their objective and quota. You are also tasked to interview and hire store managers.

Decorative Home Product Specialist. You have to have prior experience in home decoration. You are also responsible for assisting customers on choosing the right decorative home products. Marshall looks for experts in finishing materials, window treatments, wall covering, and the like. You must also have a thorough understanding of DIY projects and color coordination.

Distribution Center General Warehouse Associate. You must maintain the flow of stocks and inventories. Tasks include choosing and pulling materials from suppliers, loading materials into trucks, placing the wares into appropriate bins, and encoding relevant data into the inventory logs. You will identify and mark goods and bins accordingly abd adhere to safety guidelines. Maintenance of warehouse is largely required.

Distribution Center Supervisor. The supervisor manages how the goods are delivered. Key duties include ensuring all items are identified or marked correctly, scheduling pickups or goods release, focusing on customer needs, identifying cost savings and efficiency gains, and developing a high morale among his staff.

Human Resources Manager. You will help in planning, directing, and coordinating administrative functions of Marshalls. You will supervise the hiring process, management job recruitments and postings at the website, and screen applications. You will also interview applicants and ensure they know and understand the requirements and qualifications of the job. 

Company Application

To apply, print out your Marshalls application form (in PDF format). You could also apply through the corporate website and enter your basic information about yourself (name, address, the position you’re applying for).

The application process usually takes up to 3 weeks. You can sign in a job search company to wait for updates. Nevertheless, the HR manager will contact you through email once you have passed the initial screening. The HR manager may also contact you by phone after a few days of application. 

Things to Know About Company

Mashalls is known for reducing its carbon footprint. It has come up with eco-friendly programs to reduce energy and fuel usage, and has improved its waste management.

Meanwhile, some job openings at Marshalls are seasonal. There are more job openings for sales associates every December and January, because of the influx of customers. They also need contractual stock associates to help out with deliveries and merchandise. They are usually offered minimum wages but they are allowed to work on more shifts. 

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