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Main Event Entertainment – hands down the hottest spot to find the most fun for you and your family to enjoy an outing filled with laser tag, bowling, arcade games and more!  Based out of Dallas, Texas, the Main Event brand is owned as a subsidiary to Ardent Leisure Group.  The entertainment venues have been increasing in popularity since their inception back in 1998, and their teams aim to create magical experiences for each guest.

No matter how old you are, the Main Event staff is ready to help you have fun!  The centers offer activities such as karaoke, rock climbing and even miniature golf.  This is the perfect place to host a special child’s birthday party, and reservations are available at each of their locations.  Looking to book a corporate event or host a teambuilding day?  Main Event has you covered.

Stop in at the restaurant found in each of the centers and choose from a variety of delicious menu options to keep you energized while you play!  To keep things interesting, signature cocktails are also available for the adult guests.

With over twenty locations spread across the country from Arizona to Georgia (and even as far North as Chicago), this is definitely a destination to keep an eye on as they continue to grow.  Charlie Keegan, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President, has a very optimistic outlook for his action packed entertainment centers, and plans to open additional locations in the future.  Stop in and check out a Main Event center near you to make lasting memories with your friends and family.

Main Event Entertainment Interview Questions

What are your reasons for wanting to work here? Spend the time to look into this company in detail so that you have a clear explanation and concrete example of what you like about them. Be candid and confident in what you genuinely want from them and what you want to contribute to them, focusing more on what you can offer than what you can gain. Connect these desires to your future career path to show the interviewers that you are committed to both your and the company’s growth.

What is your desired salary? When responding to this question, try to put the ball in the interviewers’ court. You can inquire about the previous salary the company paid to someone of your position. You can also say that you researched and compared salaries of jobs of a similar nature and state the salary ranges that you have seen. If the interviewer will not provide you with any information, you can be vague and say that your needs depend on the requirements and duties of the position. Do not ruin your chances of getting hired by demanding more money than what other candidates might suggest, and do not ruin your chances of earning a high salary if you suggest too little initially. Try to avoid answering with a specific number.

Discuss some disappointing work experiences. Be careful when answering this question because you want to avoid being self absorbed or resentful. Some options that are acceptable to discuss are: there was no room for growth, the budget was cut and funding was lost, the staff was not well trained. Avoid details, and describe your overall experience as one in which you learned about yourself as a worker.

Are you overqualified for this job? Do not worry about being over or under qualified for this job, as the former would convey that the job is beneath you and the latter would show that you do not deserve the job. Instead, describe how you are perfectly suited and precisely qualified for the job based on your skills, personality, and experience.

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