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Lush Ltd. is a private limited company that is a retailer of cosmetic products. Their growth is based on partnerships and they only offer a small number of shares which are only available on an invitation basis. The retailer’s headquarters is located Poole, England, United Kingdom.

In 1999, Mark Constantine and Elizabeth Weir, who previously sold Constantine & Weir to The Body Shop and started Cosmetics-To-Go which later failed, teamed up with Mo Constantine, Helen Ambrosen, Rowena Bird and Paul Greaves to establish Lush.

In the 2014 Observer Awards, the cosmetics retailer was named “Best in Business”. The award honored the company for its efforts in fighting for environmental and social justice.

The cosmetics retailer offers a comprehensive benefits package for their employees which includes employee discounts, free items, a 401K plan, life insurance, paid vacations, and a healthcare insurance.

Employees love working for the company because it has a great management, a happy atmosphere, and they get flexible schedules. Furthermore, they also loved the discounts on products which allows them to save more of their income.

How old do you have to be to work at Lush?

Job seekers who want to get hiring consideration from the company must stand at least 18 years old before submitting an application. The company would also appreciate employees who can speak languages other than English.

Lush Careers

Lush offers a wide array of lucrative and fulfilling careers for people who can help them achieve success.

Sales Associate: A sales associate provides assistance to the customers. Their duties include answering questions, providing product information, suggesting new items, and helping customers find products. They also operate the store’s cash register. Sales associates need to have a pleasant attitude, and good communication and sales talk skills.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative acts on behalf of the company when it comes to customer-related matters. They provide product information, take orders, and also handle customer complaints. They also process returns when necessary. Customer service representatives handle customers personally and through phone calls and emails.

Administrative Assistant: An administrative assistant performs organizational tasks to help keep the store running smoothly. They organize files, schedule meetings, do errands for the management, and can also do light tasks such as bagging to help the staff. Administrative assistants need to have good organizational skills and the patience to do repetitive tasks.

Key Holder: A key holder does a variety of tasks. Their tasks includes arriving early to open the store and prepare it for operations, as well as leaving late to ensure everything is in order before closing. They are also responsible for keeping the store’s keys and security code safe. Should the need arise, the authorities will call on the key holder in case of a security breach. Key holders also provide leadership for the staff. Key holders need to have good organizational and leadership skills.

Store Manager: A store manager watches over the store’s day-to-day operations. They serve as quality control by observing how employees work and if customers are satisfied. They provide leadership by guiding employees on what to do and by correcting mistakes. If needed, they have the power to make staff and business-related decisions. It is also their responsibility to manage the payroll and to submit performance reports to the company. Store managers need to have good management, leadership, and communication skills.

Assistant Store Manager: An assistant store manager accompanies the store manager in ensuring that the establishment operates smoothly. Their duties include quality control and providing leadership by working hard and being a good example for the staff. If the store manager is absent, it is their responsibility to assume his duties. Assistant managers need to have good leadership and communication skills.

Financial Analyst: A financial analyst helps the company make decisions using financial data. Their duties include studying performance reports and financial data, and conveying what they have observed to the company in a way that they can easily understand. They can also provide suggestions based on what they have analyzed. Financial analysts must possess a background in finance and attention to details.

Human Resource Coordinator: A human resource coordinator is responsible for carrying out personnel-related tasks. Their duties include attracting talents, conducting job screenings, keeping employee records, and managing their benefits. They can also make employee performance reports.

Human Resources Manager: A human resources manager plans the company’s administrative functions. They manage job recruitment, screening, hiring or letting go of employees, and they also determine ways that the company can improve through human resource. Human resources managers need to have good management and communication skills since they serve as a link for the company and its staff.

Manager In Training: A manager in training is employed by the company but requires job training for a period of time to become a full fledged manager. Managers in training have good promotion potential.

Lush Application

Lush accepts in-store applications. Applicants have to make sure that they fit with the available position, have the necessary skill set and job requirements, and submit their application to one of the company’s locations.

For those who are not comfortable with in-store applications, they can opt to do an online application. Applicants only need to find an ideal job in the careers section of the company’s official website and submit their application.

In filling up the application form, the job seekers should review their personal information and ensure that they can easily be reached through the contact information that they wrote. They should also submit the application before the prescribed deadline.

For the resume, the applicants should keep the papers clean and tidy, to leave a good impression on the person reviewing it. They should also use a format that can bolster their credentials.

During the job interview, they should exhibit confidence and attentiveness when being asked by the interviewer. Furthermore, they should go straight to the point with their answers.

Facts About Lush

At Lush, they love making customers happy. They achieve this by ensuring that every store has a good management and staff that always work hard.

On February 8-9, 2018, the company staged the Lush Summit in East London. The event was attended by activists and campaigners. The event was an effort by the company to let the voice of the citizens be heard.

The company is known for the quality of their handmade cosmetic products which are produced using vegetarian recipes that only requires fruit and vegetables. They are also known for supporting different causes.

The cosmetics retailer does not buy products from companies who are using animals as test subjects for their products.  They also have the Charity Pot program, where the full price of every charity pot lotion is donated to more than 40 different countries.

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