Lord And Taylor Application & Careers

Lord & Taylor is a retail fashion establishment. It is a subsidiary of Hudson’s Bay Company, the oldest commercial corporation in the United States. Their products include accessories, dresses and other fashion apparel, handbags, shoes, and beauty products.

Being the oldest department store in America, Lord & Taylor was established in 1826. Samuel Lord opened a dry goods business in 1824. The store was eventually called Lord & Taylor.

Today, the company has over 50 locations and four outlets across the United States. It boasts of approximately 3,500 employees and has received multiple awards over the years.

The company offers many employee perks and benefits. These include health insurance, employee discount, paid time off, vacation leaves, and 401(k) retirement savings plan. The company’s health benefits cover medical, visual-, and dental-related illnesses.

Numerous employees have stated that they love working for the company. The management treats workers with respect, and managers get generous vacation time. Also, workers can enjoy high pay scales, paid training, free development programs, and flexible scheduling.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Lord And Taylor?

The company accepts part-timers, full-timers, and interns. And as with most companies, you have to be at least 18 years old to work for the company.

Lord and Taylor Careers

With a deep-rooted foundation in the U.S., this company offers hundreds of job openings across the country. It is constantly hiring self-starters and entry-level associates.

Sales Associate: Sales associates engage customers, generate profit by consistent salesmanship, and maintain work areas. They assist customers in choosing products and ensure that the clients only undergo a positive shopping experience. They must follow company guidelines when presenting information about a certain product.

Cosmetics Beauty Advisor: Beauty advisors serve and assist clients in the cosmetics department. They generate sales by determining the needs and wants of customers. They also perform skincare consultations and fragrance sessions and determine product selection. Beauty advisors must possess extensive product knowledge and are required to meet weekly and daily sales goals. Also, they are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and restocking shelves in their department/area.

Assistant Store Manager: Assistant store managers execute sales goals, come up with marketing plans, and carry out company strategies. They are responsible for coaching and motivating staff. They also assign staff schedules and supervise product placement.

Store Managers: This job requires one to be in charge of an entire store. Store managers oversee the store’s general operations. They make sure that the workflow is efficient and everything is in order. They also assign schedules to workers. In addition, store managers maintain budgets and report to and coordinate with senior management.

Dresses Fitting Room Associate: The core responsibilities of dresses fitting room associates are to engage and greet customers. They listen to the demands of customers and anticipate other requests. In other words, they serve the clients and meet their demands. Associates are also required to maintain a clean environment to reduce risk and minimize loss.

Receiving Associate: Receiving associates prepare the merchandise. They unload and sort truck merchandise. They process RTVs, mark down products, replenish register supplies, and help in moving stocks. In addition, receiving associates support in-store service experience and fulfill sales transactions.

Commissioned Sales Associate: The salary for this job depends on the worker’s number of sales. So, your earnings can be potentially unlimited. Associates generate sales by taking care of their own clientele. They must develop ample product knowledge by learning about the merchandise’s features. Furthermore, commissioned sales associates create charge accounts and maintain floor standards.

Asset Protection Investigator: Asset protection investigators control the physical security of the store to protect company assets. They assist different departments to identify product shortage. They also operate security systems, greet visitors, and communicate with the management to solve issues.

Personal Stylist: A personal stylist builds long-lasting relationships with clients. One does this by following up on purchases, sending reminders for events, and suggesting new products. Also, like associates, they generate sales by providing product information.

Personal Shopper: Personal shoppers are like personal stylists. They also generate sales and take care of their own clientele. They are required to develop comprehensive product knowledge of certain merchandise. They must also be confident and possess strong people skills.

Lord and Taylor Application

You can apply to the company online. You can also hand in your resume personally. Going for the online application may allow you to get hired faster than submitting an in-store application.

To apply online, you have to sign up at the company’s job portal. After that, you need to create a profile, answer questionnaires, and submit your personal documents.

Remember that you must answer all of the background questions truthfully. Your answers must showcase your abilities required for the job that you want. Also, if you plan to apply for multiple openings, customize your profile to meet general requirements.

When it comes to your resume, highlight skills and experiences related to your desired position. Characteristics like flexibility, friendliness, and obedience must also be featured on your resume.

For the interview, wear presentable attire. Your answers to questions must match with the information provided in your CV. Lord and Taylor value customer-friendliness and proficiency the most. So, ensure that your responses show that you have the said traits.

Facts About Lord And Taylor

This company is at the forefront of fashion. It has set some of the most notable trends in the industry. It is the first department store to install an elevator. Lord and Taylor is also the first business to launch a branch store.

To stay at the frontline of shopping trends, the company has partnered with SnipSnap and Pounce, two developers of third-party shopping mobile applications. Now, shoppers can redeem in-store coupons they got from the nearest Lord and Taylor department store.

As mentioned, the company is known for being the oldest department store in the U.S. Over the years, it has built an excellent reputation in the retail industry. It often mixes the latest fashion trends with timeless classics.

Furthermore, Lord and Taylor has several charity programs that aid many individuals and numerous NGOs. Recently, their charity efforts have benefitted the American Cancer Society.

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