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Krystal is a fast food chain operating in the United States. The restaurant’s menu includes hamburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast offerings, and milkshakes. Customers enjoy affordably priced delightful snacks, and drinks.

The restaurant was founded in 1932 by J. Glenn Sherill and Rody Davenport. In its inception, the company was headquartered in Atlanta, GA. However, its office was moved from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2013.

Today, Krystal serves delicious snacks in more than 350 locations all over the country. The company continuously provides quality products and outstanding service with the help of its more than 6,500 employees.

Krystal gives great job benefits for employees like healthcare options, bonus opportunities, flexible schedules, and food discounts. Associates receive dental, medical, and vision insurance coverage. Also, the company offers 401(k) retirement plans and more advancement opportunities.

People love working at Krystal because it offers them great compensation and benefits, work/life balance, and opportunities to grow professionally. Also, the company introduces a culture that is suitable for everyone.

How old do you have to be to work at Krystal?

The company requires its applicants to be at least 16 years old. Also, they should be high school graduates or GED holders. Candidates with related working experience have better chances of getting hired sooner.

Krystal Careers

Typically, the company searches for customer-friendly and hardworking people to fill entry-level positions. Employees can choose to work full-time or part-time, and receive competitive basic pay. Also, employees hone valuable skills in customer service as they become acquainted with the restaurant’s processes. Interested applicants may apply for the following positions:

Cashiers: Cashiers often interact with people who come in and out of the restaurant. They start by greeting customers and taking their orders. Cashiers use a POS terminal, manage their respective cash registers, and give the printed receipts to consumers. They can also deal with customers’ concerns or inquiries.

Crew Members: Crew members are those who clean and wash used plates, glassware, spoons, forks, and knives. Just like cashiers, crew members also deal with queries and concerns. They do many things like greeting the customers and taking their orders. Also, crew members manage the billing process and off-the-counter general operations.

Shift Leaders: Typically, a company chooses its hardworking crew members to become their new shift leaders who handle heavy responsibilities. Shift leaders resolve customer complaints, and they make sure that crew members and cashiers are doing their job properly. Also, shift leaders may handle extra tasks that will be assigned to them by the management.

Cooks: Cooks are always in the kitchen to prepare and cook food for everyone. They are expected to work closely with other kitchen personnel to follow the given recipes. Cooks weigh and measure the ingredients and monitor the safety and freshness of food. When the ingredients are ready, they start cooking by using grills, ovens, microwaves, and other commercial cooking tools.

Assistant General Managers: The assistant managers organize, plan, and implement a strategy. They coordinate the restaurant operations while ensuring that the company’s objectives and schedules are met by all employees. The assistant managers hire and train new employees, monitor the inventory and send orders for new supplies.

General Managers: General managers are hired to supervise the restaurant’s operations in general. They train, encourage, and discipline their team members. Also, they work closely with their subordinates to meet the company’s goals and strict policies. Hence, general managers should have good communication and leadership skills.

Lease Administrator: A lease administrator is the one who administers leases and keeps them in order. This person ensures that all lease-associated financial transactions are managed and processed correctly. A lease administrator typically reviews the leases and ensures their accuracy while keeping a record of transactions for things like rent, realty taxes, and various related expenses.

District Managers: District managers supervise the restaurants in their respective districts. Also, they are accountable for the restaurants’ operational practices, so they must ensure that all branches run efficiently and smoothly. They supervise the general managers in all restaurants within their districts.

Director of Development: A director of development is a senior fundraising manager who works at a company, corporation or non-profit organization. This person is the one who brings in profit streams to a non-profit organization. A director of development is typically compensated for his or her work.

Crew Trainers: Crew members who showed great performance in their jobs are mostly promoted as crew trainers. They train, inspire and educate the newbie crew members. They teach the newbies how to serve food to customers and how to keep the kitchen and restaurant clean and germ-free.

Krystal Application

Interested applicants may visit the company’s official website to learn more about the hiring process. The career section provides information about the latest job openings.

People may apply online or in-person. Interested applicants may visit the nearest store to gather further details about the job vacancies posted online. Applicants who plan to apply online will find countless job postings in and out of the company’s website.

Applicants who will apply in-person may receive a copy of the usual application form. They should fill in the blanks and use a blank ink pen. Once done, applicants must submit the application form with their resume.

Candidates will have more chances of getting hired immediately if their resume is updated and complete. All new details must be added while the whole paper should be presentable. Applicants should keep their resume simple and easy to read.

Applicants who passed the qualifications and the screening will be called for the interview. When attending an interview, applicants should be presentable by wearing casual business attire and a clean pair of formal shoes.

Facts about Krystal

The company created a vibrant culture where every creative, interesting idea can blossom. The management is eager to give people the opportunity to reach individual success. This culture is something where success could flourish to let everybody reap it.

Recently, this fast-food chain came up with new special additions to their menu. One of these is the new Chipotle Cheese Krystal. Another is the new Red Hot Slushie. These are available in the company’s chain of restaurants.

This fast-food chain is known for its small hamburgers with steamed-in slices of onions. Also, its hottest offerings for customers and the compensation plan for employees helped the company itself to gain popularity and people’s trust.

The company launched a charity program called Krystal Foundation to help the community. This foundation is supporting various charitable activities. In 2017, it invested in school extracurricular activities to help the schools in Atlanta with programs like STEAM and music.

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