King Kullen Application & Careers

King Kullen is an American supermarket chain. Founded in 1930, it was the first true American supermarket, where essentials such as bread and milk were sold alongside deli meats and coffee.

The business began with its initial founder, Michael Cullen, as a local market on Long Island, New York. As a former Kroger employee, he became disgruntled and suggested to the Vice President of the company a new way of doing business. The VP at the time, however, ignored his appeal, and that’s when Cullen decided to go into business for himself.

Shortly after his appeal to the Vice President, he quit and began his own chain of supermarkets. The initial pitch he gave was to sell the same products as other stores at lower prices. His boss rejected the idea, so Cullen decided to start his own business using his own philosophy. That small business eventually grew into a multimillion dollar chain of stores.

Since then, King Kullen has been awarded for being socially responsible. Not only is it an environmentally-friendly company, but it’s a company that’s  been innovative in allowing for online shopping and delivery.

Although it’s now a chain that includes dozens of markets, it still offers a communal experience. That familiarity is what has, in part, made loyalists of its customers.

How old do you have to be to work at King Kullen?

Baggers are generally allowed at the age of 16, but there are a variety of people in wide-ranging age groups and occupations that allow the opportunity to progress. A job at King Kullen is suitable for anyone ranging from a high school student who’s only recently entered the job market to adults looking to further their careers.

King Kullen Careers

King Kullen prides itself on ensuring there is a diverse workforce. In addition to offering a wide variety of products, it offers a medley of employees. For full-time employees, the company offers a generous benefit plan that includes health, dental, and vision plans for both individuals and families.

Baggers: Baggers are in charge of bagging clients’ groceries and/or escorting them to their vehicles. Baggers are the people who interact with customers the most, so it is important to portray happiness. This is an ideal job for young people who are without a high school diploma or GED.

Cashiers: In addition to processing transactions, cashiers are generally the first people customers see when they walk into a store. Thus, it’s important that cashiers are friendly, because their image is one that reflects the store and helps form customers’ opinions.

Stockers: Without stockers, there would be no King Kullen. Although no formal education is required, stockers are responsible for keeping shelves well-stocked with products people want to buy.

Deli worker: The responsibility of a deli clerk is to slice meats and cheeses per customer request. A degree is not a requirement and training is provided. Fresh shipments are delivered daily.
Baker: As the title suggests, a baker is in charge of cooking baked goods. The baked goods offered by King Kullen range from a loaf of bread to birthday cakes. It’s imperative they are always served fresh for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Florist: A florist is in charge of flower arrangements. Additionally, a florist makes sure the flowers provided are fresh. No degree is required, but an eye for design is key.

Pharmacist: King Kullen truly is a one stop shop. With an in-house pharmacist on duty, you can shop for household necessities while you wait for your prescription(s) to be filled. In order to become a pharmacist, a Doctor of Pharmacy degree is required.

Sushi chef: In addition to the many amenities King Kullen has, a sushi bar is among them. No prior experience is necessary, though previous experience is appreciated. You would be expected to make sushi rolls.

Assistant manager: The Assistant Manager essentially helps the primary store owner and the store manager. That includes managing day-to-day operations, such as filling out timesheets, ensuring products are displayed correctly, etc. Strong leadership skills are a necessity.

Store manager: The store manager is the heart of the store. In order for things to run smoothly, there needs to be a manager in place. It’s their job to ensure that both employees’ and customers’ needs are met. If there’s a problem, the store manager is the person who quashes conflicts.

King Kullen Application

In order to apply for a job, there is an online application, but the option to apply in person is also available. If you decide to apply in person, be sure to dress and groom well, and be professional. That includes being well-dressed and enunciating clearly. Do not wear a T-shirt; always wear a shirt with a collar. Oxfords and polos are your best bet.

If you choose to fill out an online application, be sure to fill out the entire form accurately to the best of your ability. If you are filling out a form in person, remember that first impressions are imperative. Dress and groom appropriately.

When filling out your résumé, be sure to include any educational history you have, as well as skills, certifications, and hobbies that could potentially pertain to the job you’re apply for.

Applying for a job almost always requires a person-to-person interview. When you’re being interviewed, be sure to speak eloquently and enunciate. Good grammar always will always work in your favor.

Things to Know About King Kullen

King Kullen is a supermarket chain renowned for its high quality selection for budget-conscious customers.

While they are primarily located in the New York area, King Kullen was one of the first major supermarkets to offer home delivery. In an effort to keep up with an ever-changing culture, they have always been leaders.

Outside of their home delivery service, their stores are staffed by employees who treat each customer with courtesy and friendliness. This is a service intended for convenience, but one that also helps the elderly and disabled.

As aforementioned, the company provides its full-time employees with full medical, dental, and vision insurance. In that sense, it’s enormously progressive. King Kullen values its employees and much as employees value the company.