Kentucky Fried Chicken Application & Careers

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food restaurant famous for its fried chicken. The company has a variety of chicken products to offer its customers, such as chicken wraps and burgers, salads, French fries and coleslaw.

Colonel Harland Sanders, a cook and an entrepreneur, started selling fried chicken during the Great Depression in Corbin, Kentucky. Foreseeing the success of the business he started, he opened his first franchise in 1952 in Utah.

The company has over 20,500 outlets in around 125 countries worldwide. Kentucky Fried Chicken was tagged as 2017 #Brand of the Year by, a lifestyle online publication of Vox Media.

A competitive salary and an attractive benefits package are given to the employees. Benefits include health and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, performance bonus, paid maternity and paternity leave, and paid vacation and holidays off.

A job with this company is best for those who like working in a challenging yet fun work environment with flexible hours. Employee discounts and free lunches and snacks are given to those who are on duty.

How old do you have to be to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken?

The minimum age requirement to work with the company is 16 years old. These are for beginner positions such as restaurant staff and assistants. For advanced positions, the age requirement is 18 years old and above.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Careers

Dubbed as one of the fastest growing company, it hires people almost every day. They provide lots of opportunities for people to work in a fast-paced, challenging yet fulfilling work environment.

Cook: A cook is responsible for the food preparation of the restaurant, focusing on the main menu items and side dishes. He is to make sure that all sanitary and safety guidelines are followed and observed. The cook also acts as the team leader and will monitor the workflow in the kitchen.

Dishwasher: The Dishwasher sorts and rinses dirty utensils, glasses and tableware. Once the dishes are cleaned, the dishwasher organizes them to proper storage areas. They are also responsible for removing the trash and disposing it into the designated dumpsters. The dishwasher is also responsible for the sanitation and proper maintenance of the dish machine.

Shift Supervisor: The Shift Supervisor monitors guest satisfaction and ensures that the food safety and facility cleanliness standards are met. They also train new employees. Receiving guest orders, processing sales and also management of guest concerns are also part of the responsibility.

Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Manager handles the main operation of the restaurant. He makes sure that the company standards are followed. Overseeing financial flow is also one of the manager’s main roles. The manager is also the one who assigns crews to their area assignment and plots their shift schedules.

Retail Sales Associate: A Retail Sales Associate assists customers and provides them expert information to help them decide best on their purchase. They also make presentations for the company for potential franchisees. The retail sales associate is also expected to assist in the restaurant, if the need arises.

Warehouse Personnel: A Warehouse Personnel selects and organizes products for storage or for delivery. He either places the products in the trucks or stores them in the warehouse for safekeeping. The Warehouse Personnel is also responsible for the maintenance of the company trucks and other delivery vehicles.

Alignment Technician: An Alignment Technician makes sure that all mounting and dismounting procedures on all product vehicles are properly done. He also checks the proper alignment of vehicle tires and wheels and helps in the maintenance of delivery trucks and other company vehicles. 

Payroll Office Administrator: The Payroll Administrator is directly under the supervision of the President of the company. For all financial, administrative and clerical support, the payroll administrator is the one to turn to. He also manages the payroll system and makes sure that the employee salaries are given on time. 

Human Resource Generalist: The Human Resource Generalist is responsible for the company’s recruitment and staffing requirements. He also makes sure that company employment process is in line with the state rules. The generalist also ensures that employee benefits are properly given.

Finance Officer: A Finance Officer oversees collections and documents all financial transactions in the company. He organizes lists of potential customers for sales leads. The finance officer also computes and makes reports for sales quotations and collates everything in a data file for company presentations.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Application

The interested applicants may send their applications online through the official company website. There are also other websites connected with the company that facilitates the applications.

Another option for applicants is dropping in their resumes in KFC stores near their location. Different branches have different positions available. Sometimes, individually owned franchises have their own rules and preferences so it is also better to check with them.

The online application process is quite straightforward. The first part is the completion of personal information. The second part is the assessment examination, a 30-question test. Applicants should fill out all questions required for a better chance of being chosen.

For a more appealing resume, the applicant should make sure that all information is complete. Information on work experience should also be detailed and chronological.

Once scheduled for an interview, the candidate should be on time and dress appropriately. Being confident and honest is also a good tip for interviewees.

Things To Know About Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken promotes diversity within the company. The company encourages its employees to work under their “How We Work Together” principle. The company encourages everyone to be united for a great working environment.

The company has received the Excellence of Learning Category last 2017 for its efforts in employee training and development. It also acknowledges the company program to create career pathways for its employee’s personal growth.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is also an advocate for different kinds of community advocacies, thus starting the KFC Foundation. It has started education programs and family fund programs that help families with their financial and educational difficulties.

To respond to the communities’ needs, the company launched some grants that opened opportunities for the youth and homeless in KFC’s hometown, Kentucky. It opened partnerships to help other non-profit organizations to reach their goals. 

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