Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Are you 15 years old and looking for a job? It is not an easy job market for 15-years old as there several federal regulations which limit the kind of work and hours teenagers can work. Due to this many companies make 16 as the minimum age to apply for jobs. However there are still many opportunities you can get jobs for 15 year olds.

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the minimum age for employment for non-agricultural jobs is 14 and can only work hours they are not in school, 3 hours on a school day, 18 hours total during a school week and 8 hours on a non-school day. The must be between 7 am and 7 pm between Labor Day to May 3st and 7 am to 9pm from June first through Labor day. Many of these restrictions may not be applicable if you are doing household work for family, neighbors or friends.

Various Job for 15 Year Olds

Lifeguard: American Red Cross Lifeguard certification is offered to ages 15 and above. Working as a lifeguard can be a good way to get employment during summer or after school hours. Contact your local American red cross for class and certification details.

Write: A good utilization of your spare time may be to write. You can start writing poems, short stories or blog posts. Look for freelancing opportunities online. As you hone your skills you can get higher price for your work.

Tutor: Parents are always looking for ways to help them improve their understanding of some classes. If you are good at some of the classes and can help someone, this is an opportunity worth considering. Based on the impact you have on the student’s performance you may command a high hourly rate. You should look to start somewhere close to $10 per hour.
Special Instructions: Instead of teaching some course you can teach some special skills such as paying a guitar, piano, or musical instruments. You can also offer to teach some form of craft or life skill. For many of skills you can take beginner students and offer a competitive rate as parents are always looking to get their kids introduced to new skills and save at the same time.

Babysit: Babysitting is a good option for many at this age. Especially if you have younger siblings you may have already done this for your parents. You can attend classes at your community center and start working as baby sitter. Being a 15 year old, a certification or some reference may help you get started here.

Internship: As per the regulations, you may be allowed to work 40 hours per week when school is not in session. This is a good opportunity to pick some experience in the industry you want to build a career in. A good way to find internship opportunity is to contact people working in your desired industry and ask them for opportunities or referral.

Volunteer: You can work to support a cause you believe in or associate with. Find volunteering opportunities in your local community or online. While volunteering opportunities my not pay, it will help you build some experience. Like internship you can use your volunteering efforts to build your candidacy for a future employment in your desired industry.

Household: Offering household services like cleaning, weed removal, lawn maintenance etc. to you friends, family and neighbor is a good option if you are good with household chores. May families need help with these activities and it is something you can offer in
Pet Sitting or Dog walker: If you are good with pets, these jobs may be of interest to you and can also help you earn a good side income. Many pet owners do not have time to walk their dogs and may need help to sit the pet from time to time. You can advertise your services on local classified sites or spread the word through bill and word of mouth publicity. Also look for any training or certification that can help you get started.

Sell you craft: If you are artistic, you may be able to sell your craft. People like to motivate young artists. Get feedback from your parents or guardian on your skills and see if they can help you develop a product or work of art that you can then sell.

How to Land a Job?

Research: As your friends who may be working or ask family members if they are aware of any employment opportunities. Look at posting on your community center. Ask at local shops if they are hiring.

Prepare: This may very well be your first job. You should make a resume. Start with common resume template. If you are up for an interview, be prepared for common interview questions. You should practice with friends or family for your interview.

Stay motivated: Do not lose hope if you are unable to find a job as soon as you start looking. Due to the various requirements employers have to abide by opportunities for jobs for 15 year old are limited so your best is to keep looking until you find one that you like and meets your expectations.