Harbor Freight Application & Careers

Harbor Freight Tools’ is the business of selling tools for everyday use and specialized purposes. With over hundreds of stores nationwide, the company has a complete array of tools for gardening, automotive, repair and maintenance, and anything that needs tools.

The company started as a family-owned business in the 1970s. The founders are Allan Smidt and Eric Smidt, a father and son duo. The first store opened in North Hollywood, California. Its objective is to provide the working class of America quality tools at the most affordable prices.

As of to date, Harbor Freight has more than 800 stores. It has more than a thousand employees in its employ with the goal of providing quality service and products its customers. The company offers a wide assortment of branded and unbranded tools with 80% discount.

Apart from quality service and products, the company boasts of quality employee benefits because it believes that satisfied employees bring success. Qualified and regular employees receive a competitive salary package, insurance coverage, and retirement benefits. Paid leaves, day-off and sick leaves are also some of the many benefits that employees enjoy.

People like working in Harbor Freight because high-level management supports new employees. New employees feel welcome and at ease because supervisors and managers are willing to train them.

How old do you have to be to work at Harbor Freight?

Applicants must be 18 years old at the time of application. The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma or an equivalent.

Harbor Freight Tools Careers

The company has work available in its retail stores, corporate office, distribution centers and quality assurance department. Applicants who are knowledgeable in hardware tools may find many job vacancies with the company.

Associate Logistics: This position is part of the warehouse operations. Associate logistics employees are responsible for the cleanliness and systematic arrangement of the display area. They stack items properly. Logistics associates ensure that unsold products are always in good condition. They coordinate stocks between the warehouse and retail store.

Associate Sales: Employees with this position assist customers with their purchases. This position requires quick thinking so that employees can help customers who don’t know what they’re looking for. It requires great communication skills.

Senior Associate Sales: This position requires leadership skills because senior associate sales personnel supervise associate sales. Apart from supervisory function, their job description also entails assisting customers who complain about the products or services, or an employee. Thus, it requires problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

Benefits Specialist: This position involves evaluation of the company’s benefit programs. It requires research skills because benefits specialist recommends the best benefit plan for the employees. This position requires answering questions, complaints from employees regarding their salaries and benefits. Benefits specialists coordinate the orientation of new employees.

Network Monitoring Tech: This position is responsible for designing, implementing and administering of network and system monitoring tools. They manage the operations of the network system. They provide suggestions and solutions to problems related to the store’s network and eCommerce system.

Store Operations Support Specialist: Employees with this position provide administrative support to the different departments. They create clear and simple communication tools that employees can use. Store operations support specialists document the company’s compliance with regulatory agencies. They collect information from the different stores and analyze the results.

Yard Driver: As part of the distribution team, yard drivers fetch items from shipping yards and deliver these items to the stores. Thus, it requires driving skills and a license, an understanding of product descriptions and purchase orders. This position also requires an ability to use forklift and conveyor machines.

Payroll Coordinator: This position is responsible for all payroll matters. They gather payroll data, reconcile time sheets, tax, and benefit deductions. Payroll coordinators maintain employee records and updates changes to the database. They resolve payroll issues and discrepancies. This position is responsible for preparing payroll register, and distribution of paychecks.

Product Category Manager: This position is responsible for reviewing product catalogs. Product category managers create promotional programs and coordinate these programs to the different stores across the country. They are responsible for ensuring that these promo plans are working and are driving sales as discussed and defined.

Senior Marketing Manager: This position requires excellent marketing skills and planning. Senior marketing managers are responsible for creating extensive and effective marketing strategies that promote the brand of Harbor Freight. They propose timeline, metrics, and costs of the company’s marketing plans and strategies. Senior marketing managers ensure that the implementation of these strategies is in accordance with company’s policies.

Harbor Freight Tools Application

The company accepts online and only-in-store applications. With an online application, applicants may need to create an account on the company’s website.

Just log in to or sign up for a new account on the company’s site. Fill out forms with complete details about personal and past-job information. Submit your resume through this account.

The company needs motivated and sales-oriented individuals so enumerate jobs that highlight your strengths in marketing and sales. Include also past jobs that include communicating with other people.

When you follow up on your application, a telephone call or a visit to the store are effective ways of inquiry. Ask politely about your application or be bold enough (in a nice way) to ask for an interview. The hiring managers might be impressed with this kind of approach.

Wear presentable clothing such as a dress shirt when attending an interview even if the job is a rank-and-file position. This act shows how serious you are about getting a particular job.

Facts about Harbor Freight Tools

With four decades of commitment, Harbor Freight has developed a culture of great service to its customers while maintaining employee satisfaction. It has never stopped in improving the quality they are known for.

Because of this dedication, the company is now one of the leading companies in America. Recently, Harbor Freight decided to diversify its operations and expand its market base.

Harbor Freight is known for delivering quality tools. The company continues to dedicate its research and development fund in creating tools with the highest value of quality. Its tools are tested in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Harbor Freight is collaborating with local schools and colleges to help the community. The company donates goods valued at a million dollars and up. These goods aim to support vocational school programs for workers who want to upgrade their skills.

Application Links

Company: https://www.harborfreight.com

Careers: https://www.harborfreightjobs.com/