Gold Star Chili Application & Careers

When it comes to chili in Cincinnati, Gold Star Chili is the undisputed seller and manufacturer. This famous chili is sold by the restaurant chain, and is prepared with a unique recipe: dried white onions, pepperonis, tomato sauce, and chili.

It was founded in 1995 by the four Daoud brothers: Fahhad, Basheer, Fahid, and Bishara. The original concept for the restaurant is a hamburger chain, likewise named as Hamburger Heaven.

At the time, the brothers modified a chili recipe. Soon, customers were clamoring for this recipe. The Daoud brothers then change the concept of the restaurant and renamed it into Gold Star Chili.

Employees get a lot of perks from this restaurant. On top of a 401(k) retirement plan, they can have a life and disability insurance plan, paid vacation and holidays, and free drinks.

The restaurant is one of the few companies in the US with an almost perfect rating when it comes to manager-staff relationship. The management supervises its staff without being too strict or too demanding. Both groups work together efficiently.

How old do you have to be to work at Gold Star Chili?

Applicants as young as 16 years old may work for the restaurant. Certain labor laws apply in each state, and minors may have to present a work permit.

Gold Star Chili Careers

The company is looking for individuals who are interested in working in a fast-paced environment such as this restaurant. Here are some of the available jobs at Gold Star Chili:

Cashier: The cashier is responsible for all cash and sales transactions in the restaurant. However, he shall also promote services, respond to customer inquiries, and improve the overall satisfaction of guests. He reports directly to the Restaurant Manager and does other tasks (i.e. housekeeping) as needed.

Shift Leader: Shift Leaders take on a supervisory role when the Restaurant Manager is not around. They check on the crew and ensure everybody’s performing their functions. Shift Leaders monitor the staff’s performance and see to it they are trained properly, especially on company policies and regulations.

Busser: A busser shall wipe tables clean and take away used utensils, plates, and glassware. He shall also help waiters serve food, or assist the dishwasher with the plates. He restocks table napkins and condiments on each table, too. The ideal candidate must be physically fit. Minors may apply for this job.

Prep Cook/ Line Cook: The main tasks of the line cook are preparing sauces, chopping meat, slicing vegetables, and assisting the main cook with the dishes. He sets up and stocks the kitchen with the needed supplies and ingredients, and cleans up the mess after the meals have been prepared.

Host: Aside from the usual housekeeping duties, the Host shall greet customers upon their entrance, and lead them to their seats. He entertains guests and asks them for their needs. The Host must be prompt, friendly, and accommodating. At times he helps out during cash transactions, too.

Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Manager is in charge of running the operations of the diner, ensuring all tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. He helps in strategizing marketing campaigns and increasing sales. At the heart of all these is quality customer service, which the Restaurant Manager monitors and if need be, improves.

District Manager: District Managers work closely with the Restaurant Managers of the locations assigned to them, ensuring that each branch is running smoothly. He checks if sales targets are met regularly, and if the management and the staff have a good working relationship. The district manager also sits in during job interviews.

Customer Service Representative: The customer service representative answers customers’ concerns and enlightens them on whatever glitches or technical issues there are, especially regarding how the online store works. The CSR refers any technical problems to the IT support for troubleshooting procedures. As expected of any CSR, the candidate must have excellent communication skills.

Newsletter Writer: Gold Star Chili newsletters are sent almost weekly to its many subscribers and patrons. This is where new products are announced, or where any relevant information about the restaurant is discussed. The newsletter writer thus keeps the articles and advertising copy clear, concise, and engaging. The writer must have impeccable grammar, time management, and organizational skills.

Online Store Clerk: The Online Store Clerk takes tabs on online orders, records the orders, and proceeds to the cash transaction. Although this is facilitated with an app, someone must oversee the process and ensure the orders are delivered promptly. The clerk likewise reports any glitches on the online store, providing seamless shopping experience to customers as much as possible.

Gold Star Chili Application

The company does have an online career webpage. It has a link to an online application form and job postings on third party websites. At any rate, you will have to submit your form and resume to the restaurant itself.

Complete your application form and make sure the details you put there are the same details as in your resume. The company needs this online form so it can quickly pull your information from its database.

You may also want to contact the company to inquire about your desired job. They do have corporate offices that might be in need of applicants.

It would be best to impress the recruitment team with your resume. This must highlight your skills and strengths. Indicate your relevant previous job experiences.

Feedback and calls for an interview usually take two to three days after you have submitted your application. Be ready to be asked for your personal background and what you know about the restaurant.

Things to Know about Gold Star Chili

Working at the restaurant requires that you know your way around in a fast-paced environment. Productivity and professionalism are key components to staying in the company.

With a restaurant as passionate in serving people as Gold Star Chili, employees are expected to work hard, coordinate with one another, and perform tasks with one goal in mind: ultimate customer satisfaction.

One of the latest acquisitions of the company is Tom + Chee, and this venture is an indication that the chili restaurant chain is quickly ascending the ladder to success.

The restaurant also owes its success to hundreds of people who believe in their vision and community programs. They welcome organizations who would like to partner with Gold Star Chili for donations and fundraising events.

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