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Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) mainly offers auto insurance. Recently, it has also started to offer property insurance, business insurance, and life insurance to the public.

Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife, Lillian Goodwin, started the company to provide auto insurance to government employees in 1936. Over the years, the company has expanded its coverage, catering not just to government employees.

The company is the second largest insurer in US that provides auto coverage for over 24 million vehicles. There are around 15 million policyholders enrolled with the company as of 2017.

Great benefits are offered to all its employees, including comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance, life and accident insurance, 401K retirement plan, paid maternity and paternity leaves, childcare allowances, performance bonus, and many more. There are also professional development programs.

Employees choose to stay because of the management’s dedication in building a workplace based on respect and support. The company encourages and supports career growth, as well as acknowledges the potential of every employee.

How old do you have to be to work at GEICO?

You need to be at least 18 years old to start working with the company. Nevertheless, for some office branches, internship programs may be offered to high school students. 

GEICO Careers

GEICO is a fast growing company that regularly hires professionals. The company has an equal employment opportunity policy in place, meaning anyone interested to join their team is treated equally and justly throughout the application process.

Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) Representative: ERS Representatives are the initial responders to policyholders when they have problems with their vehicles. They help in assessing the customer’s situation, and aid in locating and dispatching a locksmith, a tow truck provider, or a glass repair provider – whichever is needed.

Liability Claims Representative: Liability Claims Representatives are the policyholder’s first point of contact when they are involved in accidents. They assist policyholders in checking for their coverage and guide them throughout the process until a settlement has been reached. Liability Claims Representatives are also experts in resolving undisputed non-injury claims.

Customer Relations Specialist: A Customer Relations Specialist is a licensed insurance professional. He is well informed of insurance policies and is equipped to answer customer queries. To help in formulating new policy plans, the Customer Relations Specialist also provides information to the sales team as to what customers usually look for.

Sales Representative: A Sales Representative answers inbound sales calls from interested customers who want to purchase insurance from the company. They provide quotations and answer queries from potential customers. Sales Representatives are also involved in the company’s marketing campaigns to sell products and services.

Outside Security Investigator: An Outside Security Investigator is part of the Special Investigations Unit, which handles cases that need to have multiple location investigations. He is expected to coordinate with the local police, as well as with state and federal enforcement agencies, for special cases.

Medical Claims Examiner: A Medical Claims Examiner reviews insurance contracts, coordinates with all people involved (in relation to the claim), obtains the necessary medical information, and reviews all medical reports and billing statements submitted. The Medical Claims Examiner determines whether a claim is valid.

Development Program Manager (Claims): A Development Program Manager handles and leads trainings for claims processing. He prepares trainees for mobility and to forward their careers. The development manager also supervises curriculum seminars and forums to make sure company standards are followed at all times.

Software Developer: A Software Developer creates and maintains in-house applications designed to support the company’s business. He is an expert in programming and data support. The software developer is also expected to find new ways to upgrade the company’s existing software to achieve faster claims processing.

Attorney: An Attorney represents the company in the court and manages all company lawsuits that are forwarded and filed for trial. He formulates motions and memorandums of law and examines all demands and pleadings. An attorney assesses all files and makes periodic reports on cases handled.

Legal Secretary: A Legal Secretary is responsible in the scheduling of meetings, hearings, and medical examinations (if needed) to assess sensitive cases. He monitors and organizes files and books, and does administrative work as directed by the superior. The legal secretary also makes sure that all subpoenaed records are monitored.

GEICO Application

The applicant may use the company’s job search engine on their official website. He must create an account (and afterwards, log in) to proceed with the application.

Walk-in applicants are also accepted. However, the applicant will likewise be requested to proceed using a computer at the office. If an interviewer is available and the applicant was selected, an interview may be scheduled on the same day.

In completing the form, allot at least 30 minutes to properly fill out and review all the information required. Also, applicants must take note that during Mondays and Thursday, from 12:30 to 3:00 AM local time, the system undergoes maintenance.

In furnishing an application with the company, an online resume template is used. The applicant must make sure that all information is complete and accurate.

Once an interview has been scheduled, the applicant must be ready to prepare all the requirements. Since pre-employment testing is part of this next step, the applicant should also be prepared to answer questions related to the position.

Things To Know About GEICO

GEICO upholds a culture of diversity within the company. The company welcomes thousands of associates from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Events and activities are done to build stronger teams and strengthen camaraderie among employees.

The company has always been an advocate of safe driving. Recently, they have launched several campaigns in an effort to remind everyone to buckle up and to avoid aggressive driving.

The company has always been known for its entertaining and quirky yet meaningful commercials. Their commercials are always done to effectively grab viewer attention. Examples are manatees wearing shirts, penguins thinking about migration, and a game night with a sloth.

The company has been supporting the Children’s National Hospital for more than 40 years, helping families and making sure that every child receives the best care. The company also regularly joins campaigns aimed towards ensuring a greener future. 

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