Foot Locker Application & Careers

Foot Locker Retail, Inc. is a NYSE-listed store and online retailer of footwear and various sports wears. It is headquartered at New York City with stores in around 30 countries. It owns retail brands like Champs Sports, Sidestep, and Eastbay.

Originally known as Woolworth, it is a retail company founded in 1878 by F.W. Woolworth. It made purchases of retail brands in the 1990’s and changed its name to Venator Group. In 2001, they changed its name to Foot Locker.

It has been touted by Fortune in 2017 as one of the best retail workplaces and one of the best workplaces in New York City. It currently has more than 2000 stores and more than 30,000 employees in the U.S.

Employees get a 30% discount from their purchases from their retail brands. Full-time associates enjoy a 401k match plan and health insurance with affordable payments. Plus, employees get 20 days’ worth of paid time-off.

The most common reasons why employees enjoy working for them is the organization-wide clarity of giving great customer experience. Moreover, the goals of the company in terms of retail productivity and operations are clear for everyone in the organization.

How old do you have to be to work at Foot Locker?

For all positions, they require applicants to be at least 18 years of age. For managerial and supervisorial positions, there is no minimum age required other than the corresponding work experience required for said position.

Foot Locker Careers

They offer various positions (entry level and above) in both their retail store and e-Commerce businesses. Positions are available in their various retail brands and different functional categories like administrative support, customer service, marketing, public relations, loss prevention, and maintenance.

Sales Associate: A Sales Associate must have a passion for athletic sneakers and apparel. They must have knowledge of the latest styles and be passionate of sharing this knowledge with customers. Sales Associates are expected to meet sales, customer experience, and operational goals.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager is responsible for coaching and motivating the store sales team to ensure great customer experience. They must ensure the store is meeting the sales, customer experience, merchandise, visual, and operational expectations set by the management.

Store Manager: The Store Manager coaches and motivates the retail store team to create the best performance and exceptional customer service experience they can give. They are responsible for making sure the standards for recruitment, hiring, training, customer service, visual merchandising, and store operations are met. They execute plans to boost key performance indicators to maximize store profitability.

Shift Manager: The Shift Manager takes over the Store Manager’s responsibilities when he is unavailable. They are expected to maintain the store’s quality and productivity expectations set by the management. When necessary, they help out in the management responsibilities held by the Store Manager.

Management Trainee: Although the management trainee is not yet in the position of shift or store manager, they are expected to meet the goals and handle the responsibilities of these positions. The Management Trainee is a training position in preparation for a Store Management position.

Maintenance Technician: The Maintenance Technician is part of their direct to consumer business. They are responsible for the preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, programming and repair of the conveyor systems and automated machines. The Maintenance Technician is also responsible for making sure working conditions and equipment use are effective in increasing the efficiency of the site work crew.

Customer Care Specialist: The Customer Care Specialist receives calls made by their customers to the Customer Contact Center from six in the morning until twelve midnight. They are responsible for providing over-the-phone customer service and assistance. They are expected to provide answers regarding online orders, shipment tracking, product availability, product returns, etc.

Customization Quality Control: The Customization Quality Control is tasked with ensuring the accuracy of the quantities, logo placement, colors, garments, and overall quality of product orders. They maintain accurate documentation of quality control checklists and production requests. They ensure orders are in order and are moving accordingly to the next production phase or up for shipment when complete.  

Associate Production Artist: The Associate Production Artist creates vector artworks that will be used in screen printing applications and related files appropriate for production. They generate freehand drawings for necessary orders and accurate artwork proofs used for customer requests and other production purposes. They revise any other existing artwork needed for the delivery of customer orders and merchandise production.

Visual Media Expert: The Visual Media Expert captures and manipulates photo and video assets for marketing purposes. These marketing purposes include, but not limited to, lifestyle photography, professional athlete projects, location stock photography, corporate photo projects, advanced imaging projects, and advanced location or studio video capture and/or edit.

Foot Locker Application

They have their own jobs database that interested individuals can use to browse the positions available and to submit your applications. Related information such as location, responsibilities, and requirements are available for every vacant position posted.

They only accept applications through their designated online jobs and careers website. It contains all their available positions and the details are available for any interested applicants’ review.

Online application is done by providing one’s e-mail, personal information, and resume on their website. You can choose to link your LinkedIn profile for them to consider any information found in it.

The positions in their jobs database already indicate the requirements they’re looking for. It is best to include all the relevant information that might help during the selection process.

The turnaround time for a response can take from a few days to weeks depending on the bulk of applications being processed. Be prepared for a group interview for positions and locations requiring numerous applicants.

Things to Know About Foot Locker

They are known for their culture of creating a workplace that encourages fun and excellence in every level of the organization. Because of this, average employee tenure amounts to around 10 to 15 years.

They are doing well financially. Since 2011, they have continuously risen in the ranks of the Fortune 500. In recent years, they have acquired Runners Point, a German retailer, and Carbon38, a brand of women’s luxury athletic wear.

They are known for giving their employees excellent benefits from shop discounts to a succession training program to develop employees for a managerial role. People who are passionate about sneakers have found to love working for Foot Locker.

They have a college scholarship program for high school athletes who demonstrate excellent academic performance. For each year since 2011, they have awarded $20,000 to each of their 20 chosen students.

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