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Foods Co

Foods Co. is a subsidiary of The Kroger Company, which was originally founded by Barney Kroger in 1883. The company expanded over the next one hundred and thirty years or so to provide a nationwide consumer driven market conglomerate. The Kroger Company operates more than two thousand and six hundred stores across thirty-four states in America and continues to grow. One of the company’s many store formats is a price impact grocery warehouse. These warehouses average fifty seven thousand square feet and a provide budget efficient food shopping alternative at over one hundred locations.

Foods Co. is one of these price impact warehouses. The stores can be found in Central and Northern California. The store promises a commitment to quality throughout their selection of packaged foods, produce, meats, and seafood, which is wild-caught or farm-raised as to not disturb or deplete natural habitats.

In addition to a devotion to environmental sustainability, the Foods Co. Fund is an established organization among the branch, which relies on customer donation, employee contribution, and annual endorsements from their parent company, Kroger, to support a number of community programs. Money raised by the fund in the past has been donated to breast cancer awareness and women’s health organizations, hunger relief, and educational grants, among many others.

As an associate of the Kroger Co., Foods Co. aims to maintain standards that have continuously won the parent company awards, including Armstrong World Industry’s “2014 Flooring Recycler of the Year”, Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Star Partner of the Year”, and one of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s “Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises”.

Foods Co Interview Questions

What do you consider is your greatest strength? Make sure that your answer is positive and true. Don’t make something up because you think that it would sound impressive to the interviewer. Good examples are problem solving; working under pressure; ability to prioritise; having a positive influence on others; organisation skills; and focusing in chaotic situations. Try not to sound over confident.

Tell me about your blind spots. Brush this question aside as if you had any, you would not know about them. Do not be tricked into thinking that you have to give a firm answer. Blind spots are not the same as weaknesses. It is up to the interviewer to decide if you have any or not.

What are you looking for in your next position? Talk about your skills, qualifications and experience and say that you are looking for a position where you can use them. Describe what motivates you and how you see that fitting into your next role. Reinforce your desire for the job by saying how you hope to grow and develop over the long term.

What is your dream job? Don’t be specific. If the job that you are applying for actually is your dream job then say so. If not then don’t as you will lose credibility. If you say that it is a completely unrelated job then the interviewer may be concerned that you’ll be unhappy if you’re hired. Your answer could relate to your work ethic, using your skills, or making a difference.

Have you ever fired anyone, and if so, how did you feel? This is a serious question which requires a serious answer. Having to fire someone can be upsetting to both parties but if it is necessary, it is done to protect the company. Give the impression that you feel regret but will do it if needed, once all other avenues have been exhausted.

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