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Flash Foods is a very well reputed convenience store chain in Southern Eastern United States. The company dates back to 1952 where founders J.C Jones Jr. and his father J.C Jones Sr. started a small grocery store in Folkston, Georgia.

By the 1960s, the business had grown to include many grocery store branches with a central supply centre located in Alma, Georgia from where the products would be delivered to individual branches.

The mid 1970s saw Flash foods growing into a chain of convenience stores which sold only important items such as grocery items. vegetables. frozen meat, etc. Gas pumps were also installed in the parking lots.

Flash foods began to expand and soon acquired other businesses such as the Frazier Oil Company and Kwickie food stores in the 1980s. The company has always sought to use technology to adapt the way they did business and served customers.

Flash Foods mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Fast food restaurants also happen to be part of many of the stores. Flash Foods now has more than 170 convenience stores operating in Georgia and Florida.

Flash Foods Interview Questions

What is your philosophical theory on the work that you do? Give examples of how you can apply your current working practices. Say how you will always help and support your colleagues, establish good working relationships with your managers, listen to your colleagues when they make suggestions for improvement, be flexible, organized and dependable to others and grow as an individual through training.

When have you been hugely disappointed in your professional career? This may not apply. It if has, then you can give an example of a work experience day that you had that didn’t live up to its expectations or you may have tried to follow a specific career when you did not have what was required – like a certain grade in a subject. It is better to be clear and honest about this. Acknowledging failure shows how you have strived to overcome it and move forward rather than letting it get you down.

What period of time would you like to work for the company? This question is testing your loyalty to a company. You do need to be honest here. Ideally, you want to say that you would ‘hope to work for the company for many years and establish some good working relationships’. This leaves the answer a bit open ended but at least it can reassure them that you are not looking to leave after 6 months of work.

What do you know about this company as a whole? This is where you would have hopefully done some research on the company. You need to know the name of the director /head of the company and the year in which the company was established. Also, you could note down some statistics about the company such as how many employees they have and who their customer base may be. Often, this kind of information can be available online on their website. You could speak to the receptionist before the interview and establish some basic details about the company.

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