12 Jobs That Won’t Be There In 10 years

In our world today, technology has advanced more than ever. This fast-paced movement of automation has affected many industries, especially the traditional ones. The Foundation of Young Australians confirms that about 60% of young people are choosing careers that are going to be automated very soon. This will make their careers obsolete. Because of this ever-changing world, people have to be wary of their career choices.

Jobs That May Not Exist in 10 Years

The list of jobs that might not exist anymore in ten years are the following:

Travel Agents: You don’t need Andrea the Sales Rep anymore who will help you book your next vacation. You only need apps such as Trivago, Opodo, and Skyscanner. You can now book your next destination without any help and with only a tap of your finger. Now, traveling agencies are moving their systems online and offer their services. This is much profitable and less costly for them.

Cashiers: Have you heard Amazon’s first grocery store in Seattle that have no checkouts? Then there is no need for you to wait for cashiers in line. Go check it out yourself. Walmart has also invested a lot in these self-checkout machines. You can use mobile payment apps such as Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay or even Alipay with one tap of a finger. Presto! Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium are also on the rise. These cryptocurrencies will render the jobs for cashiers useless. We still need cashiers today. But, it is very certain that the need for people to tend to your payments has gone away and it is going away fast.

Librarians: Some people still like to feel the pages as they skim through the books. But, teachers and even students find it more efficient to have digital copies of texts. Students prefer to bring their PDF reader or their Amazon Kindle which is much more portable. Well, who wants to bring a heavy bag and carry it in the school hallways, anyways?

This new way of thinking has put a heavy burden on librarians. Libraries are having a difficult time keeping up and finding it hard to get funding. Some libraries are only able to keep up due to volunteers. Yet, it is still saddening that the open doors for librarians are closing away.

Postal Couriers: Many people are choosing to receive their bills through their email. Because of this, people might not see the postman deliver their letters any longer. They might not see the postman driving in the mornings anymore after 10 years. Many people find it easier to check their bills and statements in their emails. In this way, it also helps the environment. Less paper trails, the fewer trees need to cut down.

Bank tellers: One thing is for sure: banks will never close. However, there will be only a few of them that will remain. It will happen because many people find it easy to manage their finances online and even a phone call away. Furthermore, many banks have already developed apps that are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can even scan your cheques through those apps anytime. Thus, there is no need to drive to the bank and wait in line. There is no need to talk to the bank teller to deposit or withdraw money when you can do them anywhere and anytime!

Textile Workers: It is more realistic to use machines that can produce more but less costly, right? Skilled laborers won’t be needed anymore because of huge investments on machines. Laborers’ skills will be obsolete as machines replace their jobs. But there will still be a need for high-skilled operators although there will be few demands for them.

The Print Industry: The whole print industry is undergoing a major transition. The newspaper industry has a need to adapt or cease to exist and it is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. They need these changes from suppliers down to the publishers themselves. The new generation found themselves subscribing to online version of the news. It is much easier than flipping through long pages. As the era of the Silent Generation comes to an end, so is the era of print newspapers is coming to an end also.

Sport Referees and Umpires: The sports industry is no exception from technological advancements. Now, the sports industry use goal-line technology and Video Standard Referee. The need for referees and umpires has continue to decline. This is evident especially in European Sports such as rugby, soccer, and tennis. This technology has been widely accepted in the sports industry. There are still arguments that the appearance of referees and umpires is still needed because some rules are based on judgment call. Do you still aspire to be a sports referee?

Pilots: According to Douglas Moss who is an aviation consultant, some Asian Airlines forbid pilots to land the planes manually. Instead, they are required to use automated means to land the planes. Moreover, the military is already creating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Boeing is also in the stages of developing Automated aircrafts. If this trend continues to keep up, demand for pilots is likely to go down.

Taxi/Uber Drivers: If you are keeping up with the news, you may have heard of Tesla’s Cybertruck. This truck has features of a sports car. Surely, this newest Tesla automobile won’t be the last. The future for taxi and uber drivers seems very blurry as the new era demand greater expectation for self-driving cars. But all this is still in its early stages. There is still time for taxi and uber drivers to make money. They even still have the time to shift gears and find another industry to work on. Be sure to keep up with the news though.

So, the auto-insurance industry is in grave danger, too. This is because self-driving cars have no need for car insurance.

Lumberjacks: Now, the world realized how important it is to take care of the environment. They have realized that people need to protect the nature. They need to protect especially the trees that give off oxygen. Because of this, more people have gradually become eco-friendly. With the rise of technology, people find it better to have electronic copies rather than paper copies. There has been a huge development in technology. There are talks of using it more extensively to be more environmental-friendly. Lumberjacks need to start caring for the environment. They need to start finding a profession in a different industry.

Telemarketers: You may have made phone calls to your doctor’s office. If you have done this, you might have noticed an automated voice that asks for your information like date of birth or I.D. number. It can be annoying and boring sometimes. But it is more efficient and less costly for the companies. This is because employees (including telemarketers) are an added cost for companies. Telemarketing companies do not like added costs. This is because they want to be more profitable and so automated sales calls might replace telemarketers soon.

Fishermen: Fishermen cannot also escape the ever-changing advancing world of technology. Fishermen have been under strict scrutiny because of the ways they fish. They are under pressure all the time because of quotas which discourages some to fish. Thankfully, we have ‘fisher bots’ who can do the task more efficiently and is also better for the ecosystem. Sorry for the fishermen though.

What Do Is if You Work in One of These Jobs?

If you work in any of these roles, all is not lost. You still have 10 years to go. Don’t procrastinate though. There are still a plethora of jobs and career paths that is available for you. According to research, there is still 85% of jobs that have not been discovered yet that will exist in 2030. You still have a long way to go. Find a new niche. Find a new career path. Be very good at something so that people will need your expertise.

Here are some career paths that will be available to you and will not likely to exit the market for a long while:

Creative jobs: These are jobs that need the power of the mind and to think outside the box. Some creative jobs are designers, animators, or a writer. Some of these careers can also be incorporated with technology. How is that for a career path?

Relationship-based jobs: Many of these jobs are offering personal service to someone. They work to tell advice and give counseling. Jobs that fit this description are accountants, lawyers, and even doctors. Some of them take years to get certified though, but no worries you still have 10 years left. You got it.

Unpredictable jobs: Some jobs can be very cool and handy. These are trades that are in demand. Plumbers, Auto repairer, and the likes fall in this category. Rest assured! It will still be a long while before the technology can take their place. Who says self-driving cars doesn’t have breakdowns or need maintenance?

Well, what do you think? Have a change of heart and had a wakeup call? Comment below if you know any more jobs that might not exist in the next 10 years.