Estes Express Lines Application & Careers


Estes offers a wide range of services which range from Less-Than-Truckload, Volume and Truckload, Global services and Custom Solutions. They offer these reliable services throughout North America for the Less-Than Truckload as well as global options. Estes is time critical and delivery is practically guaranteed to offer the high delivery service required by its customers.

Less-Than-Truckload provides regional, national and international services. They also offer offshore services. Estes can offer a large coverage of the areas so that large shipments can be met to meet the demand required. There are very advanced technology so that loading systems and delivery systems are extensive. The territory involves Alaska and Hawaii directly.

Services can be guaranteed, definitive or expedited as required on an ongoing basis. There is an unlimited service available according to the requirements of the customer. Special equipment is available to transport goods and there are upgrades available for more urgent transportation. There are specialists available to deal with the expedited services.

If transporting goods in volume, the volume LTL can offer a cost saving alternative. A space for a trailer can be organized so that space is only paid for in order to fit the goods available. This means that shipments need to meet the cost of £5000 or more although it is a cost saving measure overall.

Estes have a dedicated team and dedicated local terminals in order to be able to handle multiple loads and make sure that the shipment reaches its destination with minimal disruptions. Estes offers minimal handling and maximum benefits due to its dependable service. There is a main contact point for customer service to ensure smooth handling of any shipment.

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