Eat’n Park Application & Careers

Eat N’ Park is a family-owned restaurant food chain that has been around in the industry for almost 70 years already. The company has been pioneering the food industry across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia serving around thousands of guests and customers each day.

In June 5, 1949, the restaurant food chain was launched starting with the opening of its 13-stall drive-in restaurants on Saw Mill Run Boulevard within the neighborhood of Pittsburg. The opening caused major traffic jam all over the Route 51 with the nature of parking and eating inside the car, hence, the name. In 1955, a first dining front room was established with the people choosing to eat over a dining table than in their cars. In 1977, the first 24-hour available stall was opened and thus, the rest became history.

With 69 locations all over Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and having more than 10,000 employees, the company leads the food chain business in said locations. It is also known for its Smiley Cookies which spreads happiness and joy to its customers.

The company sees their employees as the avenue for the success of the company that is why they are offering Personal and Professional advancement to keep their company competitive at the same time develop and nurture strong, independent, top-of-its-prime leaders. They offered tailored program and mentoring programs to serve as a tool for their employees to grow, develop, and nurture their own different and various skills along medical. They also offered healthcare and dependent care, flexible spending accounts, holiday pays and paid time off and overtimes, associate point programs, service awards, and bonuses.

 “I started my career at Eat’n Park Hospitality Group in 2006 as a dishwasher at the Shaler Eat’n Park, then I transitioned into a cook and finally a Certified Shift Supervisor.  I really enjoyed working for the company and being constantly challenged. That’s when I decided to go into management where I worked as an assistant manager two different locations.  Three years ago, I transitioned to the Distribution Center as an administrative assistant.  I’m now the D.C. Operations Specialist and Cookie Factory Supervisor.  Each day is different, and no day presents the same challenges as the prior. I have always taken pride in my job and doing it well, no matter where I’m at.  Knowing that people can depend on me and value my efforts and opinions is what keeps me going each and every day.” Nick P., Distribution Center Operations Specialist & Cookie Factory Supervisor

How old do you have to be to be able to work at Eat N’ Park?

A minimum age of 16 is enough to be able to qualify for most of the positions in any of the local food chains branches of the company.

Eat N’ Park Careers

The company specifically provided that hiring the best and brightest individual are their priority and preference to be able to effectively serve its clients and guest, and also to help them grow and achieve their continued business. Highly motivated workers with great enthusiasm and positive attitude are greatly preferred at the food chain business. Individuals and applicants that have minimum, or little to none working experience are welcome in the food chains. The company secures and ensures that all of their workers are given the equal opportunity to be promoted along with their respective dedication, motivation, ethics, and respect to its process, standards, and co-employees.

Job hunters primarily find vacancies in customer service and kitchen works levels. Since the restaurant food chain is now offering a 24-hour service, new hires may be expected to work diverged shifts, including nights and weekends but with standard consideration of nightshift differentials and holiday pays. The following are the basic and most common entry-level posts you can seek in the company:

Cook – They are the foundation of the company of food and beverage; their works are the basis and frontline attraction of customers and guests. Timeliness, accuracy, and excellence in food preparation are the basic and key responsibilities of a cook. He is main responsible for the quantity and quality of food production along with the timeliness and accuracy of service.  Applicants looking for cook position must knowledge and experience in cooking and using kitchen equipment and tools along with the ability to have a good relationship with others. Kitchen is the busiest portion of the business place especially during peak hours which is why cook candidates are expected to cope with the stress and pressure of incoming food orders and request.

Barista – This job post is available in part-time and full-time capacities. Baristas are responsible for producing and serving best quality of beverages among its customers’ preferences while maintaining the food and beverage safety condition and sanitation.

Catering Servers – they are mandated to serve food in catering services or buffet meals in a presence of a large group of people eating in an event or inside the business’s food chains. They are required to serve and interact with customers in a friendly, polite, and professional manner with ability to assist guests and team members at every circumstance or opportunity. Candidates can age as young as 16 years old without previous experience or a highschool diploma. As long as the applicant can show pleasing personality and enthusiasm in working, he can be qualified.

Cashier – cashiers need to have the basic skills and knowledge in mathematics as they serve the customers’ and guests’ payment. They must possess good customers’ skills and courtesy while serving with good attention to details and a friendly aura. The job requires a lot of standing and talking to the customers so physical fitness and good interpersonal communication skill are preferred. Candidates are required to be at least 18 years old with highscool diploma to qualify to such position.

Dishwasher – Dishwashers, with the physically demanding responsibility, must have the ability to stand for a long time or bend over 25 pounds each lift. He must also have a good sense of sanitation and cleanliness along with carefulness with the silverwares and other kitchen items. Dishwashers are required to have at least a physically-able body with an endurance over physical and strenuous work-loads over every shift. The company pays competitively above the minimum wage.

Guest Service Team Member – As the name connotes, they are responsible with serving the guests and customers with good quality salads and wraps in varying preferences. A friendly personality with courteous and polite greetings are required among these members as they frontline the customers in each service. The company is looking for at least 16 years of age in said position even without previous work experience and highschool diploma as long as candidate can show a professional working attitude and good civil standing.

Shift Supervisor– They assist in the quality of the standard rendered by its service employees and make sure that the costs and the food services are rendered efficiently and effectively. Shift supervisors must have a established leadership that can manage a large group of people, especially during pressure hours. The company is looking for at least 18 years of age with highschool diploma, previous related experience is preferred.

Prep Cook– They are responsible for food preparation, storage, and cooking under the sanitary conditions according to the company’s recipe. They made sure that the orders are well cooked, prepared, and are served at a timely manner. They must be at least 18 years old having a previous related working experience in regards to food preparation and cooking

Buffet Salad Bar– They set up buffet tables with a task to maintain the quality of the food preparations as well as a pleasing plating or appearance of buffet meas. They serve portions to customers and sustain the proper food temperature of every meal. No previous working experience is required in this position, as long as a candidate is able to withstand extreme temperatures and standing throughout the entire shift.

Eat N’ Park Application

Applicants can choose between applying online and personal. But with application online, candidate may visit the online career portal of the company and create an account under their domain.

After creating an account, applicant may now search available jobs that are suitable in his preference and abilities.

In the application tab, candidates will be asked to upload their updated resume so one must ensure to have a softcopy or an e-copy version of his resume that is readily attachable.

Candidates often get a fast response if managers are interested. However, to get a best response for checking on status, applicant may visit local stores during aforesaid hours and ask personally.

Following up personally shows interest and respect for the process used. When doing an application follow-up, make sure to wear a business casual attire with complete grooming to show professionalism to the company, HR team, and the management. Also, always be polite, respectful, and courteous in speaking and communication to impress the hiring team and also to show interest and respect the management itself.

Things to know about Eat N’ Park

The company promotes and establishes a friendly and positive environment and culture among its employees and customers, they make sure they get to spread smileys not only to its customers but also to its employees.

They value their customers at a highest regard that is why they implemented a Smoking Free environment last 2007 to ensure that the customers are eating in a healthy environment and in 2017, they have provided customers with special need a service dog which they named Parker. Parker is trained, along with a veteran, to alleviate the stress and anxiety attacks of its customers while dining in the local branches.

The company is commonly known for its smiley cookies that best sells among all generations and is effective in promoting happiness each and every day.

They only not ensure the freshness of the food and the good service of its crew, they also secure the health and safety of its customers. 

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