Disney Store Application & Careers

The Disney Store is a shop which sells all sorts of Disney products, from toys and clothing, up to Disney-themed household items. Credit cards are accepted for all purchases.

The Disney Store, founded in 1987, is an important division, of the Walt Disney Company, which was founded by Walter Elias Disney in October 1923 as an animation studio.

The Store has 387 locations all over the world, with thousands of approachable and competent employees. It has also won numerous awards, including the #3 Best Brand Reputation Award, Oracle’s Best Innovator of the Year, and Best Shopping Experience.

Disney Store cast members/employees, like any other Disney employee, enjoy discounts when buying tickets, merchandise, and food at all Disney parks. Also, they have a 401K plan, healthcare insurance and a decent retirement pension.

People enjoy working as cast members in The Disney Store because they love putting smiles on customers’ faces, these jobs are very mobile, and the company culture is very welcoming.

How old do you have to be to work at The Disney Store?

To work at the Disney Store, one must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma. However, it would be advantageous for the applicant to have previous experience in retail.

Disney Store Careers

The job positions offered by Disney Store are sales associate positions, assistant store manager positions, store manager, part-time stock associate, and seasonal sales associate positions. These are positions that help maintain an enjoyable in-store guest experience.

Sales Associate: Cast members in the Sales Associate positions make sure the in-store guest experience is as enjoyable as possible, while at the same time, are capable of efficiently operating point-of-sale machines and cash wrap duties, as well as being able to lift heavy boxes of merchandise. They also maintain the Disney Stores to a standard consistent with the Disney brand.

Seasonal Sales Associate: A Seasonal Sales Associate performs the same duties as the full-time Sales Associate, except that this is a part-time position limited to late-September up to mid-January, and there is no guarantee of permanence. However, the Seasonal Sales Associate is expected to produce the same standard of work as their full-time counterparts.

Part-Time Sales Associate: A Part-Time Sales Associate performs the same duties as their full-time counterparts, but they have to be available for two shifts from Mondays-Fridays, and also be available for weekends, depending on the needs of Disney Store. Also, they must be available for call-in shifts, if allowed.

Assistant Store Manager: Assistant Store Managers assist the Store Managers in maintaining the Disney Store branches to a standard consistent with the Disney brand. Also, they help the Store Manager in their duties, including enforcing the Policy Manual and Employee Code of Conduct, and maintaining a store culture which encourages creativity and customer-centeredness.

Store Manager: Store Managers are responsible for enforcing the Policy Manual and Employee Code of Conduct. They are also primarily responsible for maintaining their respective Disney Store branches to a standard consistent with the Disney Brand. Also, they serve as leaders to the Cast Members as they perform their duties.

Loss Prevention Cast Member: Loss Prevention Cast Members are responsible for preventing shoplifting in their respective stores, and also, they have to be in communication with the authorities, in case of theft. This is a part-time position, with the same requirements as that of the part-time sales associate.

Disney Store Overnight Stock Associate: The Overnight Stock Associate assists in shipment processing, and helps replenish the stocks on the sales store. This position is responsible for housekeeping on the sales floor. This is a part-time position, with the same shifting requirements as the Loss Prevention, and part-time Sales Associate Cast Members.

Key Holder Cast Member: Key Holder Cast Members are responsible for being Leaders who motivate their fellow Cast Members as they go about their duties. They coach their fellow Cast Members and give them feedback which helps them with their work. This position is a part-time job with the same shifting requirements as their Sales Associate counterparts.

Cast Member: Cast Members are responsible for maintaining their respective stores to produce an environment which matches company standards, assist in stock management and replenishment, and make sure that the newest stock is accessible to the customers. Also, they are responsible for guiding the customers through the sales process.

Website Content Developer: The Website Content Developer is responsible for maintaining the Disney Shop Website, by making sure the content is accurate and consistent with SEO guidelines. Also, the Developer helps customers ordering online with their website issues, to ensure a seamless online shopping experience.

Disney Store Application

Applications for Disney Store openings begin by inquiring at the store nearest the applicant. After this, the Store Manager concerned conducts the interview, either one-on-one or by group.

Other than in-store applications, another way to apply is to apply online, via the Disney website. This option is linked to the applicant’s LinkedIn account.

When filling up the online application, one must remember to answer as honestly as one can. On the other hand, if applying in-store, one must project self-confidence and complete the form given as accurately as possible.

In the resume, the applicant must remember to be honest with his/her credentials, and the resume must be as concise as possible. Also, the applicant must remember to place only the skills relevant to the position applied for.

During the interview, the applicant must expect questions related to his/her favorite Disney character, and his/her reasons for application. Also, the applicant must be able to confidently answer questions about dealing with real-life Disney workplace situations.

Things to Know About the Disney Shop

The Disney Store, just like the rest of Disney, is well known for its family-friendly culture and its desire to create a fun experience for people of all ages, not just children.

Disney has recently redesigned its Disney Store branches to be more similar to their theme parks, in order to provide a more family-friendly and vacation-conducive climate.

The Disney Store is well-known for providing a family-friendly and wholesome entertainment experience to children and children-at-heart. It also sells all sorts of Disney products which bring joy to children and grown-ups alike.

The Disney Store, as a part of the Walt Disney Company, gives back to the community by sponsoring volunteers among its employees, as well as giving millions to nonprofit institutions helping those in need.

Application Links

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Careers: https://jobs.disneycareers.com/

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