Days Inn Application & Careers

Days Inn is a well-known hotel chain that offers lush rooms, fitness centers, and leisure areas. It has a burst of tropical themes, bearing a holistic stay for weary travelers.

In 1970, Cecil B. Day founded the hotel in Georgia to answer for the lack of rooms for the average earning family. It became a success and becomes one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the world.

With over 8,000 branches globally, they pride in offering the best accommodation services. They make sure that customers are “Waking Up on the Bright Side.” The hotel chain is now under Wyndham Worldwide Corporation.

Days Inn personnel enjoy a lot of company benefits. Eligible workers have their 401k retirement plans, health plans, and sick leave. All employees also receive free training, and discount rates at any hotel branch.

Employees enjoy a culture of support from team leaders and fellow coworkers. The working environment made it easy for staff members to learn new skills. All hotel branches offer full-time or part-time positions to those who seek flexibility.

How old do you have to be to work at Days Inn?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old upon application. However, some branches accept 16-year-old high school graduates. There are entry jobs for first-time applicants in full-time or part-time shifts.

Days Inn Careers

There are plenty of job opportunities offered by the company for entry-level associates. Some of the positions that are open for employment are concierge, front desk clerk, housekeeper, manager, porter, and many more. See below for the list of available job options and their descriptions.

Guest Night Auditor: As a night auditor, you verify accounts of customers including tax and extra services. Sometimes, a night auditor acts as a manager to ensure all operations are working smoothly. One handles security, answer clients’ late night requests, booking reservations and more. The auditor has to entertain guests by resolving complaints and responding to guests’ needs.

Front Desk Clerk: A front desk clerk provides customer assistance and performs clerical tasks. They perform secretarial work which includes answering calls, preparing mails, payments and more. They, too, oversee the lobby and ensure that the guests are having a pleasant experience in the hotel.

Guest Service Representative: The Guest Service Representative assists in directing and assigning rooms to guests. They ensure the guests’ safety by following security protocols in case of danger. They record guests’ requests like extra registration or info on travel services. GSRs maintain an organize shift logs for smoother transactions.

Back Office Assistant: A back office assistant usually receives and distributes mailing correspondence, determines inventory levels, and deliver office supplies to various workstations. They assist receptionists on the concierge to inform guests of their status. Office assistants get to troubleshoot equipment failures and provide maintenance services and repairs.

Housekeeper: A housekeeper maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of a room. They sweep, mop, and fix the beddings accordingly. Not only that, they make sure that the rooms are according to industry standards and far from any damages. They alert managers of any room deficits and check all stocks before replacing them.

Laundry Associate: Laundry associates handle the cleaning of linens in guestrooms, lobby, restaurant, and recreational facilities. They keep a record of soiled or damaged cloths, so they can get fresh ones for the hotel. Laundry associates operate washers and report any equipment malfunction. They adhere to standard guidelines on handling chemicals and hazardous cleaning agents.

Porters: Porters make sure that the hotel is clean and running well. They do various jobs like stocking items, carrying luggage, and delivering of letters to employers. They get to perform other tasks as well when assigned by a supervisor. They have to be versatile.

Wait Staff: A wait staff oversees the table of the hotel’s restaurant to ensure everything is in place. He takes orders and offers drinks to guests. He delivers the meal and replenishes the drinks. He takes the payment and clears the table for the next customer.

Kitchen Team Member: There are different kitchen staff members that perform basic duties like peeling, cleaning or dishwashing. They make sure that the operations inside the kitchen are flawless for the chefs. They also take care of stocking ingredients and making sure that each utensil is in order.

Groundskeeper: A groundskeeper works outdoors and performs tasks such as mowing, pruning, weeding, arranging, and more. They tend not only the landscape of the hotel, but they also man the recreational grounds, too. It can be the tennis court, golf, or swimming pool.

Days Inn Application 

Applicants may apply online or walk-in at any hotel branch nearby. Be sure to get the name of the person and the office you’ve sent your forms to for follow-ups. 

Online applications are available through third-party websites where the hotel advertises their vacancies. But, one is still eligible for walk-in submissions. Sometimes, the hotel manager might even interview you on the spot!

Always read the questions before answering them. You can draft your application on a separate word document before typing your answers in the box. Don’t forget to check grammar and spelling.

Keep your resume simple, straight to the point, and designed for skim readings. It’s best if you can cater your resume to the position you are applying for. Moreover, put your contact details visible at the top.

Always think before you speak. Organize your ideas and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Research about the organization and prepare questions you might run into. Remember to plan what to wear, what to bring, and what to ask.

Things To Know About Days Inn 

Days Inn has an amiable atmosphere and a positive learning culture. It has a great member support and offers flexibility to those who are seeking challenges in the day’s work.

Days Inn has a fair share of being in the spotlight since 40 years ago. It has some gaffes over the internet like offering a free night for those who did not win the 2018 Oscar’s Night.

The company has a holistic approach to wellness. It provides fitness centers, lifestyle attributes, and meals that bursts of tropical delight. It has a breezy and warm feel that makes guests feel welcome.

Days Inn is one of the first hotels to raise awareness against child trafficking. They are a member of The Code Org which prevents child exploitation.

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