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Hirotake Yano, President of Daiso, originally founded his company with intentions to provide a 100-yen market place to buy household items, which would make it roughly the equivalent of an American “dollar store” where all inventory can be purchased for the same, equally low price. In dedication to the expansion of his business, Yano has continually adapted his business model since founding his company, over forty years ago, to meet customer needs, which has included abandoning the strictly 100-yen strategy and opting for a wider selection of products, while maintaining value in the original essence of affordability.

Daiso holds flagship in Japan, where the company operates twenty-three manufacturing and distributions warehouses and over two thousand retail stores. However, Yano’s enterprise is putting emphasis on international developments.  Retailers have been established on nearly every continent, including locations in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. International growth has not been limited to retail stores, though. The company is the proprietor of Thailand’s largest plastic factory.

Over seventy thousand in-house designed and developed products for household uses, beauty, home décor, kitchenware, and novelties, all marked at a low price point, have branded Daiso as a one-stop shop focused on variety and affordability. Offering cultural uniqueness throughout twenty-five countries by selling items like sushi rollers, sake sets, Japanese arts and crafts spreads positive intercultural values.

Customers have continually showed support for the company by ranking it highly among surveys and publications. Daiso has been awarded internationally in recognition of their growth, management tactics, branding, and customer satisfaction.

Daiso Interview Questions

What made you feel dissatisfied about a job? No need to go too much into detail for this answer. It could lead to the interviewer to ask why you stayed at such a job in the first place. A safe answer would be to say that you didn’t feel enough of a challenge at the job or if you were in a company that was downsizing for any particular reason and felt your future at the job was not guaranteed and took matters into your own hands.

What kind of administrative style do you have? Saying that you are versatile and that you can adapt and react to different types of situation is a good thing because every situation requires a different solution and go about things in a different way. It’s good for everyone to listen to you but also very important that people also respect you so that they don’t think that they are doing this because they have to and more because they want to and feel the respect is mutual.

How would you represent your work ethic? Again, here is another way to make yourself look good and talk about your skills and strengths in a way that benefits the organization and makes you look like a hard working employee. Saying that you are lazy and a procrastinator is not really a good way to show positive work ethic.

Does anyone that is currently or has been employed by us? To avoid any conflict with the company policy research their rules for this and answer accordingly. If you are going to name drop be careful not to give too much information and put that person and your reputation on the line. Do not give too much attention to this question as it could make the interviewer have a misconception or how you got the interview or if you will get special treatment in the office.

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