Cousins Subs Application & Careers

Cousins Submarines, more commonly known as Cousins Subs, is a sandwich company with branches around Arizona and Wisconsin. The company specializes in serving gourmet submarine-style sandwiches, salads and soups.

In 1972, cousins Bill Specht and James Sheppard founded the company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They also started a partnership with a local baker so that their bread can be customized.

Today, the sandwich company has 2 stores in Arizona and over 90 in Wisconsin. It has more than 1,000 employees in these two American states.

Eligible employees are offered a comprehensive benefits package. Benefits include a health insurance, 401K retirement plan, paid time off, and sick and vacation leaves. All employees who are on duty are given free lunches and snacks.

Working in flexible hours and employee discounts are some of the reasons why employees like their stay with the company. For those with managerial positions, a company-paid out-of-town training may be offered.

How old do you have to be to work at Cousins Subs?

The minimum age requirement to secure an entry level position with the company is 16 years old. However, for supervisorial to managerial positions, an applicant has to be at least 18 years old to qualify.

Cousins Subs Careers

Positions available at Cousins Subs vary depending on the requirement of the store. Being committed and customer-oriented are the two qualities that the company looks for in their potential employees.

Crew Member: A Crew Member assists in food preparation, cleaning tables and helping customers with their orders. He informs customers of ongoing promotions and may also provide suggestions, if the guest permits. The Crew Member may also assist in cashiering and sandwich-making during peak hours.

Shift Leader: A Shift Leader leads crew members. He assists in the opening and closing of the store. He also assists the Manager in training new employees. The Shift Leader also keeps the store supplies well stocked and replenished for the next day.

Sandwich Maker: A Sandwich Maker prepares sandwiches for the store. He makes sure that safety standards on food handling are always followed. He regularly checks if the ingredients to be used are fresh and safe for consumption. The Sandwich Maker may also help in serving food to customers, if needed.

Baker: A Baker is responsible in making bread for the sandwiches served in the shop. He maintains the quality of bread by doing regular quality checks of the ingredients and by making sure that company standards are followed. The Baker is also responsible in making sure that all baked products are properly stored and packed.

Cashier: A Cashier is responsible for processing the check-out transactions of customers through cash, credit or coupon. He also makes sure that the cash box is safely handed over to the next shift. The Cashier may also help in serving customers and cleaning tables, as needed.

Delivery Driver: A Delivery Driver transports food and drinks to customer’s location as requested. He may also obtain store supplies from the company’s storage. The Delivery Driver is also responsible in making sure that vehicles used, such as a truck, a motorcycle or a bicycle, are well maintained and are always in good condition for use.

Special Event Staff: A Special Event Staff is the lead person for the company’s athletic sporting events, which include football, hockey, basketball and women’s volleyball. He heads all preparations and manages all operations on the day itself. The Special Event Staff also coordinates with stores to prepare sandwiches for all participants.

Maintenance Personnel: A Maintenance Personnel is responsible in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the store, including the restrooms and parking lots. He segregates and regularly takes out the trash. The Maintenance Personnel also makes sure that all cleaning materials are properly kept for safety purposes.

Assistant Manager: An Assistant Manager monitors staff work flow and assists the Manager in making sure that all standards are met. He is also responsible in preparing the staff’s shift schedule. The Assistant Manager may also assist in training and evaluating new hires.

Manager: A Manager oversees all store operations and monitors staff performance. He also makes sure that customers are satisfied with the food and services. He sets revenue goals with the management and makes sure that these goals are met. The Manager also trains new employees and evaluates existing ones.

Cousins Subs Application

To start application with the company, a job seeker must create an account through the company’s career page in their official website. Once an account is created, he may apply for several positions that may match his preference.

Alternately, a job seeker may drop the application form in the nearest store to apply. The application form may be downloaded from the company’s website. A resume and cover letter may also be attached to the completed application form.

For completing an application, may it be through printed form or online, the job seeker must make sure that all information is accurate. Contact details, like a phone number or an email address, should be active and easy to contact because these will help the hiring team to keep applicants updated of their application status.

For a resume to be effective, it must contain all the pertinent information of the job seeker such as the personal details, contact information, related trainings and courses and related work experience. A bullet format may be used for the related experiences to make it easier for the hiring team to read the resume.

Moreover, for an interview to be successful, a job seeker must research about the company and position applied for ahead of the appointment. He should also be at the location on time and is dressed appropriately. The job seeker may also bring supporting documents like certificates or license copies, in case the hiring team will request for it.

Things To Know About Cousins Subs

Cousins Subs, being a family-owned company, is dedicated in promoting a culture of optimism and compassion. The company believes in the principle that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Recently, the sub sandwich company has launched a sports awards scholarship contest among high school seniors in Wisconsin. A participant should be graduating in 2018, has joined the WIAA sporting event and has exemplary academics. There will be two winners of $7,500 and two of $2,500 worth of scholarships.

Aside from its delicious gourmet submarine sandwiches, the company is also known for supporting and hosting sporting events. These include football, hockey, basketball and women’s volleyball. These events are held with the aim to support student athletes all around Wisconsin.

As a way to give back to the community, the company has started the Make It Better Foundation in 2013. The foundation makes donations for education scholarships and food aid programs. It also helps several nonprofit organizations for different causes.

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