Cook Out Application & Careers

There are few things as satisfying as homemade burger, fresh of the barbeque. The problem in this overwhelming fast paced world we live in is the time. This problem has been solved with a variety of Cook Out restaurants ready to serve you hot of the grill.

Morris Reaves founded this fast food company in 1989 in Greensboro, NC. He is still the owner with his son Jeremy working closely with him as the company CEO.

This Company is known thru the Southeast for the never frozen always fresh food; including juicy burgers, scrumptious chicken sandwiches and do not forget the legendary milkshakes that come in a variety of different flavors to choose from.

The company has expanded to drive thru stores as well as sit down restaurants in the newest expansions. This ensures that no matter how big the hurry you are in you will always have time for a fresh homemade meal prepared exactly the way you like it.

To date there are more than 210 stores to visit and they can boast with more than 200 awards, although they stand firm in saying the awards do not mean much, it is a satisfied customer they are after.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work Cook Out?

With so many entry level positions a job at Cook Out might be the ideal place to start at. With an entry level positions people as young as 15 can be hired, depending on the state you in and the preference of management.

Keep in mind that working in a fast food environment is long hours and are very intense over the peak hours.

Cook Out Careers

Careers at Cook Out are extremely segmented. They appoint you as a crew/team member and under that umbrella you move into different directions like a cook, cashier, cleaner, excreta. It gives you a good opportunity to see where you will fit in and what job will suit you best.

All positions are subjected to a background check and need to be able to work flexible hours. 

Crew Members: The minimum age you have to be to become a crew member is 16, which makes this an ideal entry position. For this position you need to be energetic and customer focused. Getting in as a crew member may leave the way open for better positions in time.

Team Members: This is another entry level position with a minimum age requirement of 16. You will assist in food preparation and any other duty the manager feels is needed. Your passion should be food and people, and great communication skills are a definite advantage.

Cashier: Most Cook Out stores require a minimum age of 18 as it encompasses a lot of responsibility. In this position you will have to take orders and receive money from customers. A friendly smile should always be on your lips and you should enjoy interacting with the clients.

Cook: For this position you must be able to work under a lot of pressure. You need to keep a close eye on stock, stock rotation and stock variances. Always remember hygiene plays a big role in any fast food restaurant, so it will be part of your responsibility to ensure health, safety and sanitation guidelines are followed.

Surveillance Operator: This position might be the right one for you if you are energetic, flexible, reliable and vibrant. General duties will include running errands, data capturing, filing and recruiting of staff. You will need to be able to work flexible hours and go the extra mile.

Customer Service Reps: You will have to be able to prioritize and multitask for this job, as well as have a positive attitude about the product and service that is provided. You will be working with customers, their inquiries and complaints, so a permanent smile might come in handy.

Maintenance Technician: You must have the ability to solve practical problems, to read and interpret documents, and to see that the work is done correctly. Ideally you would have some plumbing, electrical and refrigeration skills. In this position it is essential to prioritize and to be available/on-call at almost all times.

Meat Department Crew Member: A minimum age of 18 is required for this position. In the meat department sanitation and health issues are a big concern. Special care needs to be taken to meet all the standards at all times. Meat rotation and stock control will also make up part of the duties.

Assistant Manager: You will share most of the duties the general manager has, and you will basically be his/her eyes and ears if he/she is not there. Overseeing restaurant operations and liaising with customers is an important part of the job. Administrate duties; placing food orders and training of staff are also part of the deal.

Restaurant Manager: You will basically ensure everything flows without problems. Labor management, store operations, admin and customer care are all your responsibilities. Stock loss, shop profitability, service excellence and conflict resolution is an integral part of your duties. Strong leadership skills are essential.

Cook Out Application

The application process for Cook Out is not difficult or daunting at all. All jobs are advertised on related sites and for most positions you can apply in store as well.

In most cases I would advise to go in to the branch where the position is available, even if you have submitted an online application and go and introduce yourself. It is always helpful if the manager can place a face with the application.

With an online application it is possible to make mistakes, so I would you suggest you take your time and proof read everything before submitting it. While you have time and are in comfortable surroundings, make sure everything on your application is to your liking and mistake free.

Always have an updated resume with all the most relevant information and contact numbers. Ensure your references know you have named them as a reference. There are few things as embarrassing as when your references are called and they do not know or can’t place who the caller is talking about.

When you are invited for an interview, take a deep breath and be yourself. In a restaurant environment it is an advantage to have a sparking busy personality, so use nervous energy to your advantage.

Things To Know about Cook Out

Cook Out restaurants are a very busy place to work. The vibe is usually busy and an electrical buzz seems to fill the air. Spontaneous personalities usually flourish under this environment, while introverts will seem to get lost in the business.

These popular restaurants are best known for the never frozen burgers and hand spun milkshake to supplement it. They believe the customer is not only always right, but most definitely knows better than anyone else what they like and want. For this reason they are willing to go out of their way to make your food just as you want it.

With the popularity of this brand it is no surprise that they are mostly in the news due to yet another store being opened. Another thing that is a hot topic of discussion is the inspiring Christian messages that are on the wrappers and take away cups.

With social efforts this chain of restaurants is in line with environmental efforts using recyclable containers and packaging for their meals.