5 Common Mistakes People Make During Interviews


Too many times people assume that because they’ve gotten an interview and they feel they can excel at the job they’re applying for the interviewer will share those sentiments.  That’s is hardly ever the case.  The reason you got an interview is to for your potential employer to assess you based on how you behave, present yourself, and answer any questions they have to offer you.  Don’t make the mistakes people usually make during the interview process thus sabotaging your chances at being hired.  Below are a list of common slip ups individuals make and how to prevent them from occurring during your own interview.

Not dressing the part

Even if you’re a high school student applying for your first job at the local fast food joint or you’re an experienced employee seeking to further your career you need to dress the part of an interviewee.  That means formal attire.  Now, you don’t have to come in a three piece suit, but you can’t roll out of bed, hop in your car, and show up to the interview in pajamas either.  Find the balance.  Look to see how the current workers are dressed.  If they’re in uniform, try a semi-formal look.  If they’re all wearing ties or dresses, make sure you dress accordingly.

Talking too much or too little about yourself

There has to be a balance when it comes to speaking with your interviewer.  If they ask you a question about your interests, try to list a few.  You don’t have to go into detail about how you got into every single one, but be sure to let them know that you have a human side to you too.  Being over modest is also a huge mistake.  Interviews are no place for humility.  The interviewer wants to know about you so let them know exactly who you are.

Showing up late

If it can be helped, do everything in your power to show up on time, but emergencies come up.  Everyone understands that.  However, make sure you call as soon as you realize you’re going to be late.  If you fail to do this you might as well kiss that job goodbye.  Having the interviewer wait, while they could’ve been doing something more productive with their time is a big red flag to them.  So try to show up on time.

Not being yourself

If you’re a completely different person during the interview process things will go badly for you.  Try to avoid stretching the truth on all occasions, but this is especially true during interviews.  Trying to get the “right” answer is not always better than delivering the most accurate answer.  For example, if your interviewer asks if you enjoy working the graveyard shift answer truthfully.  You may be willing to work overnight, but that doesn’t mean that’s your preferred shift.  And you should tell them that.

Not asking questions

When the person interviewing you asks if you have any questions for them it’s easy just to shake your head and say no.  But this is one of most influential parts of the interview.  For the first time during this meeting you can direct the flow of the conversation.  You can ask anything to get them to talk about themselves or the company.  Be prepared to ask a question or two.  Try asking what you could do to help the company in an area they seem to be struggling with.  Or you could take a different approach and ask how they got involved in the company in the first place and how they managed to rise through the ranks so you could do the same.

Avoid these five common mistakes and your interview should go smoothly.  And remember that an interview is your potential employer’s first impression of you.  You want to make it a good one.  Don’t be late and play the part of an honest interviewee.  Be sure to ask questions as well and everything should turn out in your favor.