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Citibank is a famous international bank serving different countries like the United States. The company is known for providing good financial solutions and secured experience for all customers. They offer personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, business loans, and lines of credit.

The company was established in 1812 to provide a range of financial services and solutions to Americans. Its first branch was in New York City.

Citibank has more than 3,000 branches worldwide. In the US, Citibank is in 6 metropolitan cities, namely Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, and New York.

Aside from generous base pay and opportunities for promotion, Citibank employees receive discounts on staff banking items. They have travel, auto deals, entertainment, and wellness programs. They also receive disability insurance, medical insurance, generous parental leave, and many more.

People love working at this company because of the work benefits, salary packages, and a good workplace environment offered to them. Citi is always finding ways to keep their employees satisfied and happy at work.

How old do you have to be to work at Citibank?

Applicants should be at least 18 years old to be considered for hiring. They must have college or high school diploma as well. Work experience is necessary for higher positions like personal bankers and assistant branch managers.

Citibank Careers

Citibank offers several job opportunities for individuals interested in working for them. They look for qualified applicants to fill the following positions:

Bank Tellers: Bank tellers process the cash transactions for depositors and clients. They keep accurate details of all transactions and create precise entries in the banking system. Their job involves currency balancing, validating all deposit slips, and issuing negotiable instruments. They monitor the ATMs and restock paper bills as needed.

Business Insurance Agents: Business insurance agents are responsible for connecting the customers with the insurance plan and coverage that matches their needs. They typically provide financial planning services and solutions. Since their job involves more interaction with customers, they must have excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

Personal Bankers: Personal bankers are focused on handling customers’ financial needs and finding appropriate solutions. They listen to customers and help them solve their problems. When necessary, they bring the concerns to corporate supervisors or branch managers for help. Personal bankers may also handle deposit and withdrawal processing including the cash flow at a bank teller window.

Business Services Officer: The primary role of a business services officer is to give transactional support. He coordinates with senior management and branch managers and creates different business development strategies. He also administers and gives complete banking services to small and mid-size businesses. Likewise, a business services officer maintains the sales pipeline and develops good relationships with current clients.

Corporate Banker: A corporate banker is also called an investment or institutional banker. He is mainly engaged in 3 major divisions of investment banking like corporate finance, equity capital market, and debt capital market. He provides specialist advice and expertise on transactions like acquisitions and mergers. She raises capital through comprehensive research & analysis of equity markets and products.

Mortgage Servicing Rights Representatives: Mortgage servicing rights representatives carry out different administrative tasks. Their job involves gaining loan applications and initiating foreclosures in case of a default. Most of them are employed at investment and commercial banks, but others work for financial lending companies. They should have excellent interpersonal skills, so they can build long-term relationships with customers.

Assistant Portfolio Manager: The assistant portfolio manager chooses the most suitable investment plans for customers. He listens to people, understands their needs, and comes up with viable suggestions. He also tells people the advantages of investing and encourage them to invest more. Making sure that people are happy with his recommendations is his greatest priority.

Collections Representative: A collections representative manages collectibles based on company procedures and policies. He manages all billing tasks and trains all clients to gain invoices through different online applications. He manages all current balances for customer payments and settles the invoices for accounts receivables.

Mortgage Loan Officer: He raises mortgage loan collection through creating business contacts, enticing mortgage clients, and finalizing mortgage loan processing & closing. His job involves supervising other employees, and meeting mortgage loan operative standards by contributing information to strategic reviews and plans, implementing production, quality, customer service and productivity standards.

Investment Counselors: Investment counselors make sure that lucrative security levels meet the requests of eligible customers and the bank’s income needs. They employ sales effort awareness to help enhance the branch system’s created sales and achieve improved historical results. Also, they recognize customer needs and implement market transactions on a timely basis.

Citibank Application

Interested applicants should visit the company’s official website and check the latest job openings through its careers page. By clicking the “Apply Now” button, they will be prompted to create a user account.

The company accepts applicants through the web only. By creating a user account, candidates will have access to the application form. They will spend almost an hour to fill out the hiring form completely.

Applicants should give information about their past work experience, educational background, and references. Also, they must check all entries for accuracy before sending. There should be no blanks in the form as much as possible.

Likewise, applicants should make sure to submit updated resume only. Qualified applicants may receive an invitation for the interview after one to two weeks. Aside from meeting the qualifications, they should show confidence and eagerness to get the job during the interview. These two qualities will help applicants succeed.

Facts About Citibank

At Citibank, employees enjoy a positive experience, exceptional job training, and work benefits with great flexibility. The company wants all employees to enjoy work/life balance. Also, it gives more coaching and training programs and opportunities for promotion for all employees.

Further, the company stays committed to providing quality services to its customers. Last February 2018, the company announced that it will give refunds to credit card owners who had been charged with too high interest rates.

The company is more renowned for its online services and efficient operations. Millions of their valued customers are active online users. Many people these days consider Citibank as their number one choice when it comes to online banking.

Citi goes with a long-term commitment to support the entire communities it serves. The company works through programs that can significantly affect the communities and even the environment. Their charity programs are focused on education environment, and financial education. 

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