Chicken Express Application & Careers

Chicken Express offers a wide variety of chicken combo meals, family meals, various options for side dishes and extras, drinks, and even fried fish fillet. All products are affordable and of high-quality, delivered with fast, friendly service.

Richard and Nancy Stuart opened the first store in Benbrook, Texas in March 1988. In October 1988, the second store opened in the Stuarts’ home base which is in Mineral Wells, Texas.

The Stuarts decided to expand and pioneered the delivery express. Their slogan is, “Our chicken can’t fly, so we deliver.” Now, there are over 200 stores including the new franchises.

Employees enjoy the benefits and compensations as soon as they complete all of the company’s requirements. They receive medical insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, and food discounts.

People love working here due to the flexible working hours and the benefits of receiving free food. Employees also shared that the health benefits are good and the pay is competitive.

How old do you have to be to work at Chicken Express?

Entry-level positions are available for workers at a minimum age of 16. Assistant store managers and other upper-level roles may need to be 18 years of age, and possess a high school diploma and a driver’s license.

Chicken Express Careers

Hardworking and awesome people are encouraged to apply for the open positions whether full-time or part-time. Work experience is not a requirement to be qualified for the job. Browse through the jobs if you want to join the team.

Cook: A cook must be able to read an English menu and prepare the menu quickly. He should also maintain the food stock, dispose of spoiled food, track and inform the management of any spoilage. A cook should also be knowledgeable about recipes and food items. He should maintain a clean and clutter-free kitchen and pantry.

Packer: A packer ensures that all food products are always fresh and hot. He properly arranges the food items in a bag or tray. A packer also communicates with the cook and manager and make sure that all orders are fulfilled on time. A packer is required to stand for more than 4 hours and work with hot grease.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher is required to operate a commercial dishwasher. He should also practice safety in handling sanitizers and cleaning agents. A dishwasher should also make sure that food is prepared safely and according to sanitary standards. He must be able to clean and organize accurately and quickly.

Cashier: A cashier not only handles transactions at the cash register but should also maintain a clean lobby and restrooms. He must have excellent customer service skills, should enjoy working with people, and be detail-oriented. A cashier is also expected to be good at manual mathematical calculations.

Prep: A prep follows the recipes accurately and bakes cookies, biscuits, and rolls. He is in-charge of marinating all fish and poultry and that all prep items are always ready to fill in orders. A prep also ensures that the kitchen and pantry are clean and well-stocked.

Cashier and Headset for Drive-thru: This crew member is expected to greet customers with a smile, take orders, handle cash transactions, prepare the food, and pack orders. A drive-thru crew member can choose between daytime or mid-day shift schedules. He must have a clear speaking voice and a good listener.

Team Member or Associate: A team member or associate is responsible for carrying or lifting objects that are up to 30 pounds, emptying the trash, delivering high-quality foods, providing a sanitary and healthy environment, and following orders from leadership to ensure the team’s success. He must be able to handle hot food and prepare them appropriately.

Supervisor or Shift Leader: A shift leader performs the same tasks as an associate. He is also expected to supervise the employees and maintain customer satisfaction. A shift leader must be able to address customers’ complaints and demonstrate excellent customer service at all times.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager makes sure that the restaurant is organized, exceptionally clean, and meets food safety requirements. He also collaborates with the management team in achieving the sales goals. An assistant manager also oversees employees, makes sure that the environment is safe, and also monitors the inventory.

General Manager: A general manager is expected to come up with strategies that help increase sales, address costs, maintain quality, and meet business objectives. He is also responsible for proactively seeking sales opportunities and maintains business relationships. A general manager is also responsible for the hiring and training of new staff and schedule shifts for maximum efficiency.

Chicken Express Application

To apply, visit the Locations page, select the store you wish to apply, and click on “Apply Now.” You will be contacted soon by a store manager as soon as you fill out the application.

You can also download the application form and bring it to the store that you wish to apply. For those who wish to work in the new stores, you can use the online application functionality.

Right now, only the new stores have the online application function. Make sure you fill out the fields accurately. When submitting the printed application form, make sure you print legibly and bring all the necessary documents.

Make sure your resume is updated especially your contact details. Entry-level crew members are not expected to have relevant work experiences. Some jobs may require you to drive, so make sure that you have a valid driver’s license.

When showing up for your interview, demonstrate a positive attitude and be personable. Successful candidates receive feedback within a week, but you may follow-up to show your eagerness.

Things to Know about Chicken Express

Chicken Express radiates a fun, fast-paced yet relaxing environment. All employees demonstrate excellent customer service and management provides clear communication with its employees. Management also assists its employees and provides training.

As of March 2018, there are two new stores in Bartlesville and Del City in Oklahoma. Branches in Hope, Arkansas and Elk City, Oklahoma are coming soon. Gift cards are now available for purchase in stores.

Chicken Express is known for its fresh chicken products that are marinated and coated with a secret batter mix. The company pioneers in food delivery and also offers a drive-thru, catering, and carhop in some locations.

Chicken Express also offers franchising and believes in the owner/operator philosophy. The company donates 20% of a customer’s total food bill to a preferred group or organization. Simply inform the store which organization you’d like to sign up.

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