Chevron Application & Careers

Chevron is a top-rated energy company that specializes in the production and transportation of natural gas and crude oil. Also, it refines, advertises and distributes fuels and other oil products.

This energy company was founded on September 10, 1879. Its main office is in San Ramon, CA. Today, the entire corporation is managed by its CEO and Chairman, Mike Wirth.

Thanks to Chevron’s commitment to provide quality service, the company ranked 19th on the Fortune 500 list of the top American closely held & public corporations. Also, it ranked 16th on the Fortune Global 500 list of top 500 companies worldwide.

The company offers competitive salaries, paid training, and flexible work schedules. Qualified employees receive bonuses and incentives, merchandise discounts and opportunities for growth. In addition, Chevron employees get benefits like tuition compensation, stock options, and 401(k) retirement plans.

This energy corporation keeps its loyal employees by providing great packages for benefits and salary offerings. Also, the employees enjoy the company’s beautiful culture.

How old do you have to be to work at Chevron?

People who would like to be part of this big organization should be at least 18 years old. It’s the minimum age requirement for most entry-level jobs offered by Chevron.

Chevron Careers

The company provides unlimited opportunities for job seekers. Entry-level associates usually start as customer service representatives. However, the promotion from entry-level to managerial positions is still a possibility. Applicants who have the upbeat attitude and great interpersonal and problem-solving skills will be hired for the following positions:

Gas Station Attendants: The gas station attendants maintain the station and attends to the needs of the customers. Their duties include running the cash register in the gas station store, pump gas for the customers, check the pumps regularly, and makes sure that the gas station store is fully stocked.

Maintenance Technicians: The maintenance technicians specialize in different areas like facilities, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical departments. In smaller corporations or facilities, their expertise may be needed to take the role of all-around handyman. Maintenance technicians usually work at shifting schedules to provide on-call support.

Customer Service Representatives: CSRs initiate interaction with customers who enter a commercial establishment. They are responsible for food and drinks preparation, and they clean, stock and maintain merchandise. Also, the customer service representatives take different types of payment by using POS systems each day. They must remain flexible while working with minimum supervision.

Technical Assistants: Technical assistants support the engineering and technical staffs with project support duties. They compile technical reports and contribute to technical studies, research projects, project planning, and technical reports. Also, technical assistants provide accurate statistics and related figures while undertaking data analysis. Their job involves variations identification and investigation too.

QA Analysts: QA analysts check the products, materials, and systems to ensure quality and to detect problems or flaws. They make sure that finished products have met the quality standards set by Chevron. QA analysts work in various fields, from the transportation to food industry. Ensuring high quality products are supplied in the market is a big part of their responsibilities.

Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum engineers test, design and implement methods for extracting petroleum products from the sea floor and land. They help the geologists trace the excavation site and design the machines that will extract more gas and oil.

Office Assistants: The office assistants create and sustain the filing system, find files for other employees and file the documents properly. Companies often use an electric filing system and hire office assistants to scan & file documents on the computer network. Furthermore, office assistants manage incoming emails or outgoing messages.

Environmental Health Safety Specialists: These well-trained specialists analyze chemicals, and build electronic devices and materials. They can identify the materials or substances that are either beneficial or damaging to the environment. The environmental health safety specialists work within both public and private sectors. They use their analysis to suggest changes in the material composition and production.

Pricing Specialists: Pricing specialists are also called market research specialists who work at most retail shops today. Their job is to determine the promo and regular prices of the store’s products. Likewise, pricing specialists answer pricing-related questions from various sources like marketers and buyers.

Managers: Managers are in-charge of the store’s daily operations. They hire, train, and discipline their subordinates. As a representative of the company, they deal with customer complaints and try resolving the problem to meet clients’ satisfaction. During peak hours, they may assist their subordinates in serving the customers.

Chevron Application

Interested applicants for entry-level jobs and higher positions should get a copy of the application form. Applicants may visit the nearest Chevron store to get a copy of the standard application form. Online job seekers should create a profile first through the company’s website to use the web-based application form. After filling it, they must submit it together with their resume and cover letter.

In filling the provided form, applicants must provide the most important details like their address and contact information. All entries in the form should be correct and accurate. Incorrect entries may result in rejection of the application.

Candidates should also include a copy of their resume when submitting their application form. The resume must be updated and with a recent ID photo. Also, applicants must make sure that their telephone number and email address on their CV are updated and active.

The hiring managers will review the papers, and applicants may get a response after 2 weeks. After reviewing the applications, the managers will invite the qualified candidates for an interview. Applicants should come on time and wear casual business clothes.

Facts about Chevron

Chevron cares for its employees’ health. The company shows it through giving health & fitness hubs on site and health-club memberships. Likewise, the company provides health-oriented programs like personal training and massages to help their employees stay healthy and active.

Chevron consistently uses technology to make sure that they always have enough stocks of gas and crude oil. With the company’s efforts, this fuel brand became a Top Tier certified. Also, it supports some charitable programs to offer financial help to students.

This company gained its reputation by providing the best oil products and services worldwide. Besides, this company is admired for its interest in giving back to the community. It invests millions to worthy causes, organizations and small businesses across the country.

Chevron contributes to the social and economic well-being of the community by creating jobs, and supporting local businesses and charities. Some programs supported by this company include Project Lead the Way, the JASON Project, and Fuel Your School.

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