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Established in 1971, Century 21 is a real estate company that had its roots in Orange County, California. The founders;  Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher wanted a company that was based on hospitality and had a strong backing going into the future, thus they named their company Century 21. The company employees over one hundred thousand people with over 6,900 independent broker offices in over 75 countries and they are still growing. They deal in residential real estate as well as commercial properties.

Philanthropy is the heart of the company, since 1979 the company has raised over $111 million for the Easter Seals charity and many other nonprofit organizations. As of 2014 they have been one of the top brokers to provide benefits for the Easter Seals, 18 years in a row. That year also marking the 35th anniversary of the partnership between the two organizations.

Since January 2013 they have receive more visits on their website than any other real estate company. They have also been declared the most recognizable name brand in the real estate industry, as seen on advertisements. The website provides advice for those looking for a new home as well as agents and those want to start up their own brokerage. Century 21 is an international equal opportunity employer. For those looking to start up their own business under the Century 21 umbrella, they provide support and intensive training to make your business the strongest it can be.

Century 21 Interview Questions

Have you ever been demoted? Be completely honest with your answer, whether it is yes or no. If your interviewer catches you in a lie, then the chances of you not getting hired are extremely high. If your answer is yes, don’t elaborate too much on the answer, or if possible, try to shed a positive light on it, such as what you learned from that experience .

What role would you naturally play in a team project? If you feel the most comfortable in a leadership position, then say that one. The last thing you want to do is say a different position and cause ripples on team projects. Also, you could describe what position you wouldn’t be comfortable being in and list reasons why.

Why did you choose this company to apply for? Don’t just say whatever answer pops in your head. Give it some serious thought, but most importantly, be honest. You want to prove to your interviewer that you applied for the right reasons and that you are the best candidate for the job.

Are you involved in multiple job searches? Don’t lie about this fact. Some interviewers might think you are desperate if theirs is the only job you have applied for. However, don’t list 20 other jobs that you are interested in either. Place the main spotlight on this particular job and the interviewer.

Do you have a friendship or relationship with any of our employers? This may be an awkward question but there may be a strict policy on relationships in the work environment. However, you can only be honest with this answer, but make sure to maintain the fact that you will be there to keep a business relationship and nothing else.

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